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Arena of Champions

Map Information
Submitted: denmax
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Dec-26-08
File Size: 1055kb


Host Commands:
-um (Uber Mode: inc dmg, hp, upgrades, etc. for arena mobs while inc exp gain for players)
-ar (All Random: Randomly pick heroes for all players)
-kick (Makes a vote debating to kick a certain player or not)
-ne (Normal Experience: Disabled the custom experience system)

Commands for all players:
-revive (revive instead of waiting *25 x level = gold needed*)
-unstuck (teleports to a random point in 10 seconds *frozen while in 10 seconds*)
-ms (tells current movespeed of player's hero)
-repick (Repicks the hero, used only once)
-random (Randomly picks a hero)

Simply kill heroes around the map. The host has the command to have the kill limit (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) and you should start. The host can also choose if it is a team battle or an FFA battle. Team Battles are by 2's and 4's.

The Circle of Powers (CoP(s)) around the map will give you the sight around the radius of it. It can be captured by another person after 5 seconds of capture from the person capturing it.

The mini-arena at the right side of the map is an area which you and some heroes can battle on for it is restricted for creeps to go there.

The experience system works as it will add experience to your Hero for every damage it inflicts (including summoned units).. This will add experience to every individual damage. (e.g. IF = Quick Slask = lvl 5.. then dmg abt-15 x number of hits = full dmg.. BUT full dmg will not be converted to exp directly... every abt-15 dmg will be converted)..

Overkill is possible !

EXP SOLUTION = (CreepsLevel x (taken damage x random .15 to .25))
UBER MODE = (CreepsLevel x (taken damage x random .25 to .30))
if creeplevel = 0, then creeplevel is set to .5

Different from anyone else's. When a standard arena creep dies from a player, it will drop a gold coin which must be picked up and will give a random value of gold

GOLD SOLUTION = (CreepsLevel x random 4 to 8)
if creeplevel = 0, then creeplevel is set to .5


v3.3 BETA ~ 12/26/08
New Hero: Broken Paladin (Akama), Fiery Rogue (Hellsing)
Gameplay Rebalance: Gold drop increased at start but decreased drop on improving of levels
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed floating text when casting spells
Gameplay Rebalance: Reduced chances of Runes
Gameplay Rebalance: Regeneration Totems now placed (shops)
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed "wander" for creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed random potion drops from creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed gold coin system; instant giving of gold on death
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed buggy death timer
Gameplay Rebalance: Increased revival time of creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Circles of Power in battlefield removed
Ability Fix: Super Boar's Corrosive Mucous when it inflicts super damage
Ability Fix: Spectral Archer's Doppelsplit when it creates more illusions than intended in tooltip
Ability Fix: Assassin's Blink Strike where it doesn't remove sleep when casted on a tranqed target
Ability Fix: Sorceress' Mental Pain where it only lasts 11/12/13 seconds
Ability Remake: Blademaster's Doppelslash
Ability Rebalance: Bounty Hunter's Arrow Trap dps decreased
Ability Rebalance: Druid of the Grove's Anti-magic Aura combustion decreased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Cannibalize hp steal increased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Hack dps decreased; cooldown decreased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Soulsteal Aura AoE decreased
Ability Rebalance: Sorceress' Mental Pain does not give exp; cooldown and mana decreased
Ability Rebalance: Sorceress' Polymorph duration decreased; cooldown and mana decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Wind Walk duration decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Doppelsplit duration decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Soul Arrow cooldown decreased

For more information and for the update log, go to this link:

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