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War of the Races v0.99
Normal melee map, but with 12 races to choose: Humans, Orcs, Undeads, Night Elfs, Blood Elfs, Doom Orcs, Skieletons, Nagas, Mercenary, Dreanei, Corrupted Treants and Animals and AI...
Submitted: Mefhisto
Map Genre: Melee
Downloads: 7420
File Size: 833kb
Comments: 9
Rating: ---
MU Unlimited RPG v1.00
Map based on Mu online where player can gain very high level, items etc. Unlimited, because player can left the game when he want and don't need to save the game...
Submitted: Mefhisto
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 6956
File Size: 1767kb
Comments: 7
Rating: ---
Footmen Frenzy Elite 2.0 AI
New footmen frenzy. Its a new look into footmen frenzy where heroes can be fun and work well. This map has loads of new features such as: - Over 12 new heroes with custom and triggered abilities. - Ov
Submitted: HeX.16
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 6827
File Size: 1838kb
Comments: 0
Rating: ---
Ice Troll Tribes II 1.17b
1.17B Released on December 13th 2001, outpost bug has been fixed. Every class has its own cart / ram now to ride in.
Submitted: Kyxoan
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 6770
File Size: 1965kb
Comments: 17
Rating: ---
Element TD 4.3
This is a custom Tower Defense game based on six basic elements: Fire, Earth, Light, Nature, Water, and Darkness.
Submitted: Karawasa
Map Genre: Defense
Downloads: 6654
File Size: 1326kb
Comments: 1
Rating: 5.0 / 5
Aeon of Dominion v1.08b
Fight for good or evil in this epic fantasy battle. Choose between 11 unique heroes, and lay siege to the enemies base. Many new, custom and unique features and completely JASS written, enjoy!
Submitted: emjlr3
Map Genre: Defense
Downloads: 6091
File Size: 367kb
Comments: 9
Rating: 4.0 / 5
Diablo II Maximum Impact
An RPG of Diablo.
Submitted: Rommel
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 5907
File Size: 2148kb
Comments: 3
Rating: ---
Sharpshooter Online v1.20b
Experience sharpshooting from a rifleman's eye in this remote mountain range war zone. Dominate your opponents by blending in with your environment and snipe them down one by one from extreme ranges.
Submitted: xxxtrickyxxx
Map Genre: Other
Downloads: 5094
File Size: 3012kb
Comments: 4
Rating: 5.0 / 5
Final Fantasy Hero Defence
New and original Final Fantasy themed hero defence.
Submitted: Outbreak191
Map Genre: Defense
Downloads: 4992
File Size: 321kb
Comments: 1
Rating: ---
Necro Corp, Ltd. version 1.2
A cooperative survival map. 1 - 4 players, 2 recommended.
Submitted: AceHart
Map Genre: Defense
Downloads: 4975
File Size: 291kb
Comments: 12
Rating: ---
DBZ HIstory Of Saiyan Race 0.9964
Fresh dbz map. Nothing like any other
Submitted: Doctor-Peppe
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 4833
File Size: 2237kb
Comments: 2
Rating: ---
Pandaren Adventures
Play as a Pandaren journeying through many exotic islands and collecting gold coins.
Submitted: stavious
Map Genre: Campaign
Downloads: 4626
File Size: 672kb
Comments: 6
Rating: ---
Samurai Legends 0.9 (6v6)
Feudal Era Japan. Join the battle between Clan Takeda and Clan Asai, choose your hero, hire mercenaries, build shrines to support your team or summon one of the fallen legendary samurais.
Submitted: nooK
Map Genre: AoS Maps
Downloads: 4604
File Size: 2558kb
Comments: 0
Rating: ---
Ultimate Footmen v1.00c Final
New, final version 1.00c ready for download!
Submitted: VG Emblem
Map Genre: Arena/CTF
Downloads: 4603
File Size: 725kb
Comments: 3
Rating: 5.0 / 5
hoihoi8s Custom Hero Survival 1.21
- All Minor Skills Upgrade To Level 20- - All Ultimate Skills Upgrade To Level 3- - Players Will Receive 300 Gold and 200 Lumber Between Each Wave. - All Players Have 7 Skill Slots So Choose Wisely.
Submitted: hoihoi8
Map Genre: Arena/CTF
Downloads: 4564
File Size: 642kb
Comments: 0
Rating: ---

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