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Defi4nc3's ORPG V0.16D!
Defi4nc3's ORPG V0.16D! For more Info Visit
Submitted: Defi4nc3
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 33692
File Size: 2410kb
Comments: 10
Rating: 5.0 / 5
Naruto Chuunin Exam Ultra
A naruto map where you pick from 12 characters and are on teams of 3. You must collect two scrolls and protect them from being stolen by other players then deliver them and get a surprise.
Submitted: Kaijin
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 16011
File Size: 783kb
Comments: 1
Rating: ---
Destiny RPG
In the dark ages, in the depts of hell, a forgotten necromancer summons upon a great demon. As the world crumbles in the hands of fate, it is up to you to guide your hero to stop his demon.
Submitted: Im_On_56k
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 7962
File Size: 2126kb
Comments: 4
Rating: ---
MU Unlimited RPG v1.00
Map based on Mu online where player can gain very high level, items etc. Unlimited, because player can left the game when he want and don't need to save the game...
Submitted: Mefhisto
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 6974
File Size: 1767kb
Comments: 7
Rating: ---
Diablo II Maximum Impact
An RPG of Diablo.
Submitted: Rommel
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 5922
File Size: 2148kb
Comments: 3
Rating: ---
DBZ HIstory Of Saiyan Race 0.9964
Fresh dbz map. Nothing like any other
Submitted: Doctor-Peppe
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 4839
File Size: 2237kb
Comments: 2
Rating: ---
Everquest 2 Distant Shores v5.45
Welcome to Everquest 2 by Lom109 You WANTED a MORPG map, well HERE is your MORPG map! Packd with items & heroes to the max, this map will take forever to download on a 56k modem. Totally worth it!
Submitted: lom109
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 4389
File Size: 3928kb
Comments: 3
Rating: ---
Heroes Heaven
Use an arsenal of custom heroes to explore the world of Mortiania. Use thir special ability to slay enemy units and solve the mystery about the Guarding Cult. Also contains models not made of Blizzard
Submitted: Wow_Master
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 3868
File Size: 2499kb
Comments: 11
Rating: 4.0 / 5
Diablo2 Ex Advanced v4.70
A Rpg, War, Dueling Game
Submitted: Nibbler26
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 3710
File Size: 0kb
Comments: 0
Rating: ---
Naruto Ulti mate RPG 3.7c
This is the entire Naruto series in one game, potentially lasting a couple hours! Choose your character and play his/her roles in completing the storyline!
Submitted: ShikaShadow
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 3477
File Size: 5256kb
Comments: 0
Rating: ---
The Elder Scrolls: Open Rpg Beta V9.5!!!
Ten Races, Six Classes, Thirteen Birthsigns, for a total of more than 700 hero combos
Submitted: Bunnyburn
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 3399
File Size: 535kb
Comments: 2
Rating: ---
Umed Open RPG BETA
In this role playing game, you are Umed, a young, daring, curageous, young man. You must travel the worlds, talking to people you meet, for quests, and gain experience on the way.
Submitted: Knights
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 3061
File Size: 3386kb
Comments: 6
Rating: ---
Paradise War V1.01
See full Description
Submitted: justnrik
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 2995
File Size: 1498kb
Comments: 0
Rating: ---
Silkroad Online RPG v2.6
Silkroad Online RPG Map, based on the real game. If you play the map you will find out that it is almost EXACTLY like the real game.
Submitted: Teclis
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 2895
File Size: 2464kb
Comments: 2
Rating: 3.0 / 5
War-Song Battle Ground v1.09
Download now the War-Song Battle Ground v1.09. It's a map based on World of Warcraft. There're World of Warcraft Models, Spells, etc... Visit: for updates!
Submitted: silpher
Map Genre: Role Playing
Downloads: 2877
File Size: 7426kb
Comments: 0
Rating: ---

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