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Capture the Egg

Map Information
Submitted: Tzirrit
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Jun-11-09
File Size: 174kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

Capture the Egg is a fast action team vs. team RPG map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It features intense team vs. team PvP action with some of most unique and compelling classes you’ll have ever played on the and far beyond. Each class has individual class mechanics with abilities specifically tailored to each heroe’s playstyle.

Capture the Egg features
* intense team vs. team PvP action
* king of the hill ruleset
* unique, high-quality, and compelling classes
* individual and playstyle-tailored class mechanics and abilities
* detailed player statistics scoreboard


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By Tjuhl on Oct-13-09

In order to play this map, Warcraft III TFT v1.23 is currently required, CtE doesn't work with the most current 1.24b patch at the moment.

By Tjuhl on Aug-02-09

Scenario-style king of the hill ruleset team PvP map. whack, kill, die, repeat.

An egg spawns at one of three locations every few minutes. The goal of the map is to gather more gold than the enemy team until the time is up. 20 points per enemy player killed, 5 gold per 5 seconds egg carried within the according temple area.

Each class has a different way to generate mana, leading to a unique and individual playstyle for each hero.

If you like short action teamplay maps for LAN parties or on the, this map is definitely worth trying out.

By opiemonster on Jun-19-09

Pritty cool game, some nice intensity. Damn im so waiting for starcraft 2, hey have a look at my map its pritty cool

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