The Object Editor

By Darg

The information on the subsequent pages provides an explanation on fields in the "Warcraft 3 World Editor" - "Object Editor" Module.
Note that there are some fields for which the functionality is presently unknown.
The fields are presented in alphabetic order, and their format is laid out as such:

[Field Name] [(Type of value the field takes)]

[Explanation of field]

By default, the information presented in the Object Editor is of a "GUI" format, meaning it is given in a method easily deciphered by the reader.
If you select "View" -> "Display values as raw data" from the top menu, or if you shift double-left-click on an individual field, you can gain access to the field data in its raw format.
If you are unsure of what use you would gain from viewing raw Object Editor data, then it is unlikely you would ever need to access it in the first place.

There are occasions when references are made to areas of the editor known as "Gameplay Constants" and "Game Interface".
To access them, select "Advanced" -> "Gameplay Constants" and "Advanced -> Game Interface" from the top menus (respectively).

Any additions/corrections to this information can be posted in our World Editor forum.