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Tropical Assault FW v1.5c

Map Information
Submitted: jonadrian619
Map Genre:Arena/CTF
Last Update:Oct-25-08
File Size: 990kb

Tropical Assault

Map Description:
An improvement of the Footman Wars genre made from scratch, situated in a tropical battleground. Choose your race and your unit class, and lead your forces to victory!!

The map has unique features that no other footman frenzy can match and it is designed for multiplayer games.

But the map has a decent AI for active Computer slots. Players can practice in the game with AI players or fill up extra slots in multiplayer games.


Have Fun!!

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By NightShade on Aug-04-08

I find that lots of the time that the computers have a hero of one race and an army of another. the buildings become a strange graphic combo. except in reality there are four towers. Is this supposed to happen?
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By Chewbalka on Jul-17-08

intresting i was using 1.1 at the tiem also, this laptop is also crappy with 512ram lol.
maybe i got to many things running or some program started up (dam microsoft)

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By jonadrian619 on Jul-12-08

> the game just started lagging every few seconds, its not online it was all aginst ocmputer's.
defenetly not this computer.

Did you play v1.0? It had that spawning bug.

I did a playtest for this map awhile ago and it's working fine, and 3 players per team. It's not even lagging in my comp even after 45 minutes of playing and I surpassed lvl 26 of my Dreadlord. I'm using 512mb ram in my laptop.

Definately has no memory leaks and I made a check on the triggers two times in a row.

v1.2 released!!

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By Chewbalka on Jul-10-08

are memory leaks all fixed because i started to play for fun against the ai but after a while (around level 25 hero) the game just started lagging every few seconds, its not online it was all aginst ocmputer's.
defenetly not this computer.

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By jonadrian619 on Jul-10-08

That's a bug I discovered lately. Yeah it sucked and it will result in lag.

I only did a few playtests on this map.

NOTICE: v1.1 is released!! This fixes a few bugs in the game like the spawning bug and more.

Thanks for playing!

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By Chewbalka on Jul-09-08

Very fun not much things that are like footman that have ai, first i saw actually, but i noticed after i destroyed the ai's main building they all still spawned even after i won the game, is that suppose to happen? and i wonder if it happens with other real players.

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