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DOTA: Free Dota Template 1.0

Map Information
Submitted: SD_Ryoko
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Nov-26-05
File Size: 364kb
Rating:4.1 / 5

In the beginning, Eul created Dota.
Then we played TFT DotA.
We saw DotA Darkness Falls.
DotA Allstars was born.
Guinsoo made his own Allstars version.

May I introduce today, the DotA Template by SD_Ryoko and AceHart.

Just add Heroes and items! A free DotA template for any mapper to use. Includes all the desired modes of gameplay. All random, All pick, an item combiner, multiboard and sample heroes. Revives fallen heroes and tallies score. Prevents most back dooring and spawns stronger units when barracks fall. Revives creeps camps on the map. A free, open source map for you to create your own Defense of the Ancients.

Don't put up with one new broken hero a month anymore! Sick of the fact they won't fix Naix? Comes with a rock solid, non-looping random hero engine.

FOR QUESTIONS about DotA, the World Editor, or bugs, post in the forums.


Configure the map in the initialization trigger.
Create your heroes and add them to the Hero Setup Triggers.
Add each hero to the gamplay constants
-Techtree - Dependency Equivalents - Hero : ADD ALL THERE.

Game play Modes: (host only)


All pick. Choose from any tavern.


All random. Each player recieves a random hero.


Every player picks a Hero from either Tavern.
That Hero is randomly assigned to a player of the other team!
If there's more players in one team, those poor sobs get a random Hero.
-repick and -random are not available in this mode.


Every now and then a couple Super Creeps (really strong Creeps) will spawn for your team.


A dying Hero drops a random item. Even undroppable ones!

-dm [number]
-deathmatch [number]

Death Match. Each player gets [number] lives.
If your Hero dies too often, you're history.
If no number is given, it defaults to 3.


Heroes start at level 10 and revive in half the time.


Heroes gain experience faster
Structures have less hitpoints.
You get more Gold (16 every 8 seconds, instead of only 8 every 8 seconds).


Heroes gain experience faster.
Towers are weaker.
More money.
Heroes start at level 10 and revive in half the time.


Revival times will show either in the multiboard, visible for all players, or only for the owner of the dead Hero.

Commands available to all players:


Random Hero.
Don't know what Hero to pick?
Random only works once.


Repick a Hero.
Didn't like the Hero you got?
Try another one.
Repick only works once.


Shows your Hero's movement speed.


Shows which Heroes your opponents control.

Post Script
On a side note, I would really love to see the two original healers come back. Sorceress, and Furion. :D


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Viktory on Jun-22-10

"If any single creep is stopped (like from Arch Mage Mass Teleportation) it won't continue to move like they do in DoTA."

They don't in DotA, either.

My only concern is that DotA is, well, the map that "killed creativity" and this might mislead people new to the Editor that DotA-type-New Materials (Warcraft III maps) are the easiest to make and it will also stump creativity...

I make maps for fun, I tend to be creative.
The risk is, quite simply, THEY WON'T.

By Nighthawk on Oct-31-09

It is good that you did this. People beginning to use the World Editor often need a point of reference and this offers just that. DotA is a large game with many different aspects, new map editors can use this to get ideas and better understand how they can make things work.

Also great job on making it completely in GUI, I try to do the same as much as possible so its more clear what I did. I'm sure this took you forever to make.

By Pyroflame on Jun-17-09

Well done, but there is a problem with unit movement; quite major.

If any single creep is stopped (like from Arch Mage Mass Teleportation) it won't continue to move like they do in DoTA.

By Pinkerton on Feb-03-09

Weird. Won't open for me...

By MagusZero on Dec-03-08

This was probably a good idea. DoTA really is well made, and this should help people who are starting out. I mean, yeah, it has pretty much killed creativity in wc3, but it isn't badly made. Luckily, there can be too much of a good thing. I would quite like people to try my map, since its sort of a breath of fresh air and sort of not. We'll see how it goes.

By kapteeni40 on Aug-16-08

Resently I've seen lots of DOTA's and even more tags... Tags are going to conquer BATTLE.NET!!!

By PureOwnage on Jul-09-08

@Jeeyo: If it is a template, that means that you can modify it.

By Jeeyo on May-27-08

can i modify it

By lord dakoth on Jan-20-08


By Quauhtli on Jan-09-08

SD_Ryoko and AceHart thank you for making this template.

[I hope more people say the same]

By Quauhtli on Jan-09-08

Who cares if DotA is good or not. If a lot of people play it and like it and you disagree with that well disagree all you like, it won't stop people from playing it.

Even if someone makes a new AoS it would take forever and the chance is below 5% to become just popular enough to have a small chance against getting to challenge dota. (so three times a small chance:P)

GL though. Why not actually just THANK SD_Ryoko and AceHart for making this? There's a lot of useful triggers in here and the basic principles for AoSes... Thank them instead of spamming this thread with DotA sucks...

By lord dakoth on Jan-02-08

Ok, number one. Why the H E L L are there a billion friggin' comments on this "map" and like NONE on some maps that have been around for like, twice as long? Two: WHY is there such a big debate between AoS and Dota fans? GET OVER IT!!! If you don't like a map, no one is making you play it, so quit whining like a bunch of little kindergarteners, and go play a map that you DO like. PEOPLE, GET A LIFE, GET A JOB, GET A DATE, AND STOP ARGUING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T MATTER!

By PiCkstix on Oct-14-07

I agree that DotA is overplayed and dull now. I still believe though that their hero mix and spells are absolutely uber although they are probably done by outsiders.
TY for this though!
P.S. Could you update it pleases and does anybody have a DotA 6.40 + template??

By seph ir oth on Sep-25-07

Should update this and add the -di command.

By dark_raptor on Aug-23-07

ooh, and I like the dota template! Its really good, (even though I never used it) I'm sure someone else will. and love it!

By dark_raptor on Aug-23-07

My new AoS eats DOTA ALIVE ^^.

By xfriox on Jul-16-07

look i think we all need to stop crying over this whole DotA thing. Yes i agree it takes up most of the costom game list, yes i enjoy playing it and yes i aggreethere isn'r enough creativity. We need agood mappers with good ideas. im not trying to convince any one to play dota but we all gotta stop arguing over this crap so what some people hate it some people like it but the ones who complain most (haters) aren't doing crap about it! if u really give a dam start giving out your ideas! maybey a good mapper will make a new map and add more spice to bnet. there are probably alot of people who have the ideas and hate dota but cant map so give someone else your ideas if u wanna make a difference who knows may lower the massive amount dota games.

By BlueTeeth on Jun-16-07

I'm not sure how DOTA became so popular. I believe there are much better games out there that were out before DOTA. I do believe, however, that DOTA will lose popularity sooner or later. Someone just needs to put a lot of time into a map, and host it about 1000 times so it gets around. And if you were to ask me why I don't like DOTA, I would simply tell you to look in the custom game list. If somehow this reduces the popularity of DOTA (it won't), congradulations to you!

By RockmanderZ on May-31-07

There's a bug!... Try playing it in Lan and you'll see it..
But thanks for making it..

By kyllstabb on Apr-30-07

I began working from this template to make a version of DotA for my coworkers (we've been playing WCIII and DotA for a couple of years because it's not super heavy, graphics-wise, and it's cross platform) and it works great except than anyone running an Intel Mac gets booted on start up. Is there any fix for this?

By mikke95 on Feb-10-07

Hehe i like DotA and the interresting triggers thanks man now can i figure some of these things out =)

By doOq on Feb-02-07

Awesome, DotA, this teached me alot!!
Thank you man!!

By Akatsuki on Jan-21-07

The only things I hate about DotA is that I don't know how to use the custom heros(easily solved) and the recipe system because I have to look for the items. So it's more about me playing it more.

By anarki on Jan-10-07

I think that there are really three type of people on B.Net:

The Dota Lovers
The Dota Haters
And those wierd people who like both, but nobody loves them anyway...

The problem with DotA is, that it killed every other map, so now, B.Net is boring. :(

By Thanatos_820 on Jan-02-07

xxyourdeadxx, you seriously get pissed off very easy and I suggest that DotA is kind of a great game if you play it a few times. I don't DotA that much but you don't have to flame so much about it. The reason I don't like DotA that much because of the rude Allstars forums and they protect their maps too much. But you xxyourdeadxx, were very stupid to show that post, if you don't flame so much about it, it'll make you look "intelligent".

By Jarwan on Dec-29-06

If you do not like DotA, why did you click this tutorial/free map? I mean, if you come here to whine, you're kinda off. DotA is a great game, but everyone who didnt play wc3 when it first was released have few chances of getting into the game as you get kicked for dling it, i suppose thats why you hate it? You never played it and hated the host for it, and now claim that the map itself sucks.

By xxyourdeadxx on Nov-29-06

I'd like to comment on those dissing DOTA.

1st - I bet you couldn't make that from scratch.
2nd - You probably suck at DOTA.
3rd - What does it matter to you if everyone's hosting DOTA?
4th - If it were boring, then why do millions of people play it?
5th - You have no right to criticize the people that play DOTA. They play. You don't. Get a life. Mind your own business.
6th - I like how the map was made and all the interesting triggers added to it. SHUT UP! lol

By Opticblue on Nov-18-06

Hey, RPG lovers, I'm making a map thats nearing completion with an ETA of 4 months.. I have Breath taking scenery, with a creative and captivating story line with side quests included!
Everyone likes the Dota Item mix right? well I've takin it to the next level.. Not only is their reg Item mixing but there is going to be Set Item mixing, and potion mixing, also your hero no longer have set skills, they get to learn any skill they want with eight available skill slots.. Cool huh? if you got any Ideas to further improve my map, let me know.. Dont worry your name will be in the credits!
Teaser Trailer Coming Soon!
[email protected] or IM me on Aim (Evermind47star) witch is also my S/N..
Thanks! Later!

By quauhtli on Nov-10-06

DotA SUCKS!!! I swear
it is so damn boring
somehow the entire list is filled 99% in weekends..
that ruins my weekends!!
why isnt there a fun game like some escape or escape builder or somethign... jeez

By W!†A_cRaft on Oct-27-06

I realy liked DotA and even was such an idiot
to learn every item cost, mana cost, damage done, cooldown
and othere things about it. I knew it like my pocket but
then I stopped playing wasnt into it anymore, coz I got
WoW, now Im just for making maps. DotA is a good map but it bores me coz WoW is far more funnier

By Cres on Oct-25-06

Nice template, 11k+ Dls :)
Ryoko, have you quit mapping? :(

By NightElf_1 on Oct-23-06

I was just was caked completely with...everyone guess wat! Thats right. DotA. And not just 90%. The whole list

So nice of to have so much variety.

By Tonks on Sep-29-06

> You are free to voice your opinions...

You are not free to attack me.

You do realize I own this site. Right?

By metallic_boy on Dec-03-05

> 95% of people that hate DotA only hate it because other people like it. Theyre just trying to be different. That or theyre jealous their maps sux in comparison to it. I agree with Ryoko: DotA=Cool, TDA=Gay. Rad, You annoy me! You hate DotA and not once have you given a reason. You are also way too harsh with your critism, and act like the best map maker ever... everyone needs help as a newb.

[I'm one of that other 5%. I hate DotA simply because of what it is. To me, it's boring, and it seems to me as though it's just a game of who got the right items when, and what spells when. Rather than using difficult gameplay strategies, it's simple strategies of buying things and knowing exactly where everything is.
Yes, I too believe that DotA is corrupting WC3, but wasn't it pretty bad already? It does seem like there are a lot of immature brats going into games and leaving within 15 seconds because it isn't filling instantly. Yea, dota does claim over half the Custom Games list, which is rather annoying. Admittedly, it wasn't so bad a few years ago before dota was out, when people didn't come into games and instantly shout "DONT BOOT I'M PRO OMG I HAVE THIS MAP". but things change. Maybe some day someone will get pissed at the 'dota pr0s' and send out a virus that deletes every dota map :) Wouldn't that be nice now?]

By Demonspawn21 on Sep-26-06

Dotas fun, If used away from the "Uber 1337 Pros" aka the Retards who have nothing better to do, then play dota 24/7.

This goes for any Dota clan, They all sux.

By Sethin on Aug-06-06

I hate DOTA because its way over played and fills 30% of the custom game list and is ussualy spealed like DOTA cOome now fas -ar BaNlIst and almost every one seems to be realy rude that plays DOTA, I get called a noob a lot more in it then any thing eles, no one would let me dl it and even a dl dota here game kicked me out. Even so i think its ovly a bit above an average game. If the game was fixed and people whernt so rude then it would be a lot better. I think you should make your own DOTA map Ryoko. So it's balenced and has features that stop rudeness bad language and ect.

By meatcloud on Jun-25-06

I am facing a probelm that is creeps stay at base and wont go out,tis probelm i tried few times..i wonder that is trigger probelm or variables probelm..please help me..add me msn for teach me..thanks alot~~!!! ([email protected])

By Hellcaster on May-26-06

I am unable to download the template! Each time I try, it comes up with a text file that is in code, and I dont know how to use that...

By Lord Kass on Jan-03-06

When will update the map or something like putting new spells from dota and changing the hero.

By kingdeath08 on Dec-13-05

just thought i would let you know my map is looking good, i have all the terrain, neutral creeps, spawning and movin done. all i have left is re-arranging the bases and heroes and items, cant wait for heroes and items!!! lol not really.

By kingdeath08 on Dec-09-05

yes when i was little i used to run stuff over with my train lol, i think i still have the set somewhere, i think i will go find it lol

By SD_Ryoko on Dec-09-05

Off topic.

I used to work with N scale trains - the tiny ones. Make landscapes from 2x4 wood and plywood. Use screen door screens and plaster to make hill sides and levels, fake trees, tunnels. Wonder whatever happened to all my stuff - LOL. If I get my own house next year, might be a hobby I'll get back into - provided I have time.

By kingdeath08 on Dec-08-05

Yes all of that is very true. but dont make fun of train set, they rock lol jk. I really like the idea of stopping the Dota monopoly of ice frog and his clan. but i really dont think releasing a template solves the problem, maybe you could make one if you werent already planning to, maybe have a contest on your forum for maps to get some mappers around and group them and have them work on one

By SD_Ryoko on Dec-07-05

That could be true, but you forget people make crappy maps even if its not DotA.

It is not for us to decide for people what they waste time on; even if the map fails, they learned making it. Some people put together models. Others make scrap books. Some knit. Train sets and RPG books. All could be considered a waste to at least some other person.

By kingdeath08 on Dec-07-05

the reason i said they are wasting their time.
some people dont know how to map. like the people that dl this. most of them are sucky mappers. they have to have you (good mapper) to do all the hard work for them

By kingdeath08 on Dec-07-05

you think 800 downloads mean something, people that actaully will finish it will have maps that are the same besides heroes and items. and the heroes and items wont even be balanced on 3/4 of them. and i am not wasting my time i will actually release a half way decent game

By SD_Ryoko on Dec-06-05

Maybe they waste time making a map.

But what about your time - kinda talking to the wall, right?

Downloads: 835

Speaks for itself.

By kingdeath08 on Dec-06-05

find a good character and find his items, play 1 vs 1 with a friend experiment do -ar thats how i found my characters maybe u should try

By kingdeath08 on Dec-06-05

but some people think units are more overpowered than they really are,some people just know what items to get, not anyone elses fault your a noob by yourself in a lane and get ganked by 2 people then start complaining,learn to play and keep your mouth shut.yes some people are gay, maphack,stacking items to certain chars but deal with it like me i have countered these people by just being better

By kingdeath08 on Dec-06-05

ran out of space. lol, call me stupid say whatever sh** you want but its the truth. the only reason people try and copy games is because they want to be known on bnet but sorry to smash your dreams guys. it wont happen. you know how it is people like dota allstars and people spread it around that its the greatest game but personally they have a lot of work to do. maybe some balancing

By kingdeath08 on Dec-06-05

you know people dont waste your time making a map, you will get a little bit done but 9/10 will never finish the thing, there might be a select few that finish it but it will be Sh** and no one will play it, yes i like the idea of more dota type game makers but just handing it out , i dont like the idea. i think i will be the real man here and make a dota from scratch. maybe some trigger help.

By Kenak on Dec-05-05

This is the reason behind hating DotA:

DotA IS a FUN game. Yet, it's so overplayed that it takes up 70% of the custom game list. Now, not only does this make less people for joining other games, but it spawns so many damned impatient people because DotA games fill up nearly instant. It gives people bad attitude, because DotA does that. Clan TDA is also gay.

Takes me 10 games to get bored.

By yuechun on Dec-04-05

you can also put an ai in your map!!!

By yuechun on Dec-04-05

Can you add all heroes from dota-allstars 6.25 with their custom spells.It would be greate!!!

By SD_Ryoko on Dec-04-05

You are free to voice your opinions...

You are not free to attack me.

You do realize I own this site. Right?

By SD_Ryoko on Dec-03-05

Thankyou for reporting the bug. Invis units should be invunerable.

By metallic_boy on Dec-03-05

95% of people that hate DotA only hate it because other people like it. Theyre just trying to be different. That or theyre jealous their maps sux in comparison to it. I agree with Ryoko: DotA=Cool, TDA=Gay. Rad, You annoy me! You hate DotA and not once have you given a reason. You are also way too harsh with your critism, and act like the best map maker ever... everyone needs help as a newb.

By MaltTaquila on Dec-02-05

sry for doub post but i love DOTA :D

By MaltTaquila on Dec-02-05

This is stupid... i noticed a bug within the first 2 mins of playing... If u attack the invisible center guy in the mid lane (which by the way should be invulnerable) all the creeps in the mid lane will start to stack at the spawn point. Need to fix all bugs then create a new one :(

By SD_Ryoko on Nov-29-05

I thought about it, but I didn't know if it would offend any of the community on that site. And I am still waiting to see if they add me to the 'Tutorials' section as I discussed with them.

Here, I'm an admin so...obviously doesn't really matter :)

I did put it on

By Kenak on Nov-29-05

Sorry for the double-post:

Ryoko, why not submit this map thw

By Kenak on Nov-29-05

I think it's great. Any copy map won't be good enough to spread over Bnet, and if it will probably be good. It also teaches everybody new triggers to make newer and better maps, not just AoS style maps. Then as a good side effect, it can help brake away the DotA monopoly on WarCraft. DotA spawns the rudest of all the Warcraft community, and well...just to see Clan TDA eat it = Awesome

By error0024 on Nov-28-05

ahhh if you add this map ... all will make like this map its bad! real bad....

By SD_Ryoko on Nov-28-05

Whats really bad?

The map itself?
Or what we did? :)

By error0024 on Nov-28-05

Ryoko this is really bad.... but its still good got multiboard anyway i hate dota :D umm

By Shadowy Fear on Nov-27-05

Yes, good job, Ryoko (and Acehart). This will be a good tool for starting map developers, although I fear we will never completely get rid of the DotA trend (or plague).

By Sud on Nov-26-05

An ironic, and well deserved, dagger in the back of Dota Allstars and clan TDA.

Steal maps not, lest ye have your map stolen.

While I abhor Dota and everything it stands for (community, gameplay, level of skill, etc.), this is a good base for people to get into their own AoS map style, and potentially something they can use to break free of the shackles of Dota completely and make their own map.

By Sargon on Nov-25-05

@Rad: OH NOES TEH ALLSTARS WORSHIPERS!!!!11!1!!1 Lighten up, man.

Think of it like this: the people trying to make DotA clones probably never had the creativity to think of anything more original. Therefore, you might as well just help them make the best map they can.

Here's another angle: The only map that this will hurt is DotA Allstars. No other map on will get harmed by this.

By runeliger on Nov-25-05

well, just to actually comment reguarding the template, not the ideals of it, I'd like to say the template is quite nice. Just from looking at it, I learned what was wrong with my -ap feature (the location part wasn't added to mine). Although I would had so many of these maps popping up, to curve the monopoly on this map is probably a good idea.

By SD_Ryoko on Nov-25-05

Ahhh yes, Allstars. The rudest warcraft community we have. The most flames, the most 11 year old kids, and the most abusive mods. The people who flame anyone who posts. The people that banlist. The people who close my threads, offering paying work, for not having 30 posts.

Banlist. If you look up 'Opression' in the dictionary, it says 'To cause burden through the abuse of power.

By uberfoop on Nov-25-05

ah. so dota=good, allstars sux. ok. some1 should set up a clan to mass shit versions.

By SD_Ryoko on Nov-25-05

LOL no no your missing the idea.

DotA's cool.

TDA is not. See? :) Cheers.

By uberfoop on Nov-25-05

let me get this straight ryoko-
you like dota, but you release a map that could help us to cause its downfall? you idiot. but at least your idiocy helps people from my point of view, i guess.



By SD_Ryoko on Nov-24-05

No map on bnet will ever get played but DotA regardless of how creative or good a map is.

This might fix that.

By Rad on Nov-24-05

Well you just made a template to help people make more of the same map... People are losing thier creativity and this is not going to help!

By SD_Ryoko on Nov-24-05

I like DotA. Were going to play in a bit :)

But I am also against the monopolization of the mapping community. My personal choices do not reflect those of

By Rad on Nov-24-05

Thats too bad Ryoko... I wouldnt have thought you would support it too... is probrably 90% dota lovers, about time I find a new forum.

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