Modeling Basics

• What program do I need to create Warcraft III Models?

3DS Max was the original program used by Blizzard. This is the preferred program, but it costs a good amount of money. Blizzard also released the Blizzard art tools, which has the necessary import and export scripts for certain 3D programs and Warcraft models.

The Blizzard Art Tools ONLY work with 3DS Max versions 4 and 5. Does not work with earlier versions, or later versions.

GMAX is the free version of 3DS Max. Because its free, it does not do all the things 3DS Max can do. GMAX does not work with the Blizzard art tools, and you cannot make things like particle emitters and effects. The import and export scripts for GMAX are buggy and not as functional.

There are other modeling programs used like Milkshape, although it is much more difficult to create proper animations and export Warcraft models. We do have scripts listed for importing and exporting with Milkshape.

Note: The MDL files Milkshape exports is for other games like Quake, and NOT the Warcraft MDL format.

We have links for all these programs in the Tools and Utilities section.

• What tools do I need to create models?

  • A modeling program.
  • A photo and image editor.
  • A script to export the Warcraft model.
  • Yogbuls file converter, to convert from MDL files to MDX format.
  • A text editor.

• How do I export my model to use in Warcraft III?

For 3DS Max version 4 and 5, you can export it directly with the Blizzard Art Tools.

For GMAX, Milkshape and other versions of 3DS Max, you need to use the scripts found in our Tools and Utilities section.

The import and export scripts for GMAX are really buggy. There are several scripts available, but none of them were ever officially finished by the author.

After exporting models to MDL format, you must add your materials and textures. Please see our Materials tutorial for more information.

• How do I import and export existing models?

For GMAX use the MDX Importer/Exporter 2.0 for importing models. Use Dex Export script for exporting them. The import script will bring in everything inside the model, but the animations are often incorrect.

For 3DS Max use the MDX Importer/Exporter 2.0 for importing models. Use the Blizzard Art Tools for exporting models. If your version does not support the art tools, you may want to try Import/Export MDX, or Dex Exporter.

For Milkshape, download the export plugin from the Tools and Utilities page.

• How do I convert an MDL file to MDX format?

Some of the scripts export an MDL file, and you will need Yogbuls File Converter, also available in our tools section.

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