Hero Revive Trigger

By SD_Ryoko
Revival This tutorial also has a free demo map.
Download Here

This is a trigger code for reviving heros.
It creates a timer window for every hero that dies.
Because it uses local variables and custom text, the trigger can handle multiple heros being dead at the same time.
The variables will not overwrite themselves as each hero dies.
Remember, local variables are unique to each copy of the trigger that is made.

Revive trigger

What are local variables?

Please see our tutorial on Variables and Arrays.

What if I don't want a timer window or camera function in my code?

Then just delete the lines for the features you do not need.

How do I change the wait time for reviving my heroes?

Just change the line that sets the HEROWAIT variable.
Mine is set to 5 seconds for each hero level.

How do I change the location my hero revives in?

Edit the revival line to put your own region instead of playable map area.
If you're not good with custom scripts, create a new line in a seperate trigger, and convert it.
Then change the new code to use OURHERO just like mine does.

I am not good with custom scripts. Is there a manual for JASS text?

You bet.
The full manual for JASS can be found at http://jass.sourceforge.net/.

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