Attachments and Weapons

By SD_Ryoko
This tutorial also has a free demo map.
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This tutorial is about how to attach weapon models to a unit. You don't have to download a model to attach an effect to a unit. There are plenty of models and effects already provided in WC3. However, there are not many weapons and armor models. There are also different ways to add the effect to your unit.

Where can I get attachments?

There are a lot of models at these websites.
Campaign Creations
Please also see our links section.

You do not need any special tools to download and import models.

People do have a lot of problems importing models, so please read the tutorial about Importing and Using Custom Models.

Downloading a Model

The first step is to find and download a model you like. There are a lot of models on the internet with problems, so it can be difficult getting them to import correctly. Typically, the site that you downloaded the model from should have ALL information you need to import it. If they don't give you a list of files and where they should go, it might not be worth downloading. I have chosen the model shown here, a nice bloody sword.

Using an Ability

Now I need to make a dummy ability to create the models effect. For this I am going to use Armor Bonus +1. Thats because this ability does not show an icon on the hero, and its very simple to change.

  • Give the ability a new name.
  • Change the armor bonus to 0, so it doesn't do anything.
  • Change the 'Art - Target' field to your new model file.
  • Change the 'Art - Target Attachment Point 1' and add the point where you want the weapon. Mine will say 'left' and 'hand' in two different strings, but in the same field.
  • Change the 'Art - Target Attachments' to the number of points you added. Mine will say '1'.
  • Change 'Item Ability' to false, so we can add it to a unit.

Your done! Now add the ability to the unit who will use the weapon. Here is my new Dreadlord, with his bloody sword.

Attaching to Items

Heres a real cool way to associate weapons with items.
  • Instead of a unit ability, leave the ability we made before an ITEM ability.
  • Add the ability to the item you wish, instead of the unit.

When the unit aquires the item, the effect will automatically appear! And of course, when the unit drops the item, the effect dissapears. Of course, you can use this method for any attachment, spell effect, or import model.

Look through the majority of the units in your map. If most have a free left hand, attach the model to that side.

You can even use the model for the items default model, so it looks like the model when it is lying on the ground. I have found that swords do not look that great on the ground, because they are two-dimensional.

Using a Trigger

You can also just use a trigger to attach a model or special effect. Just use this trigger action.
Special Effect - Create a special effect attached to the left hand of (Triggering unit) using Sword1.mdx

Known Attachment Points

Attachment Point Names:
overhead (floats over the unit's head, but doesn't sway with)
head (sways with the unit's animation)
chest (also good for wings)
origin (usually at the base of a unit's feet)
weapon (for heroes)
sprite (for buildings)
medium (for buildings)
large (for buildings)

Attachment Point Modifiers:
mount (for mounted units)
rear (for quadrupeds)
first (for buildings)
second (for buildings)
third (for buildings)
fourth (for buildings)
fifth (for buildings)
sixth (for buildings)
rallypoint (for buildings)

A lich with demon wings attached to his 'chest'.
A sorceress with Far Seer projectiles attached to her 'left+hand' and 'right+hand'.
A dryad with an uber naga spear attached to her 'right+hand'.
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