Campaign Basics

By SD_Ryoko

Creating a Campaign

The Campaign editor is located in the same row as the trigger editor, it has an icon of a book.
The campaign editor lets you make a series of maps like the single player campaigns that come with Warcraft III.
Campaign files have the extension (.w3n). A campaign starts of as an empty file where you can add all of your finished maps.
When you save a campaign file, it will add all of your maps and imported data into one file.
The campaign editor is the icon of a book in the toolbar.
It is also available under the Module menu.

Adding Maps to a Campaign

To add a map to the campaign, click on Edit, Add Map.
Once a map has been added, always edit the map inside the campaign editor.
Each map will need a campaign button.
You can add campaign buttons under the Loading Screen tab, by clicking Edit, Add Button.
Select your map that you placed in the campaign editor.
Right click it and select Edit Map.
To set the levels in your campaign, use the trigger 'Game - Set Next Level'.
This only works in single player.
You will also need a victory or defeat condition as well.

Using the Game Cache

A cache is a file that is saved on the computer thats stores the information.
The game cache can store information from one level, and load it when you play the next level.
It can save objects like a hero or character, and load them again after the level is finished.
To store a hero into the game cache, use the game cache triggers.
You will need to specify a file for saving the cache, and the hero unit.

Game Cache - Create a game cache
Game Cache - Store (hero)

Then to later load a hero from the game cache, use these triggers.

Game Cache - Restore

The game cache can also store integers, arrays and variables.
You can save the game cache by creating a trigger that says Save Game Cache (category is game cache) and leave the settings as is, and click ok.

Multiple maps can be added to a campaign.
Each map will need a campaign button as well.
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