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Last Updated Jul-21-2005

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Q: Campaign Maps - Where can I find the ROC or TFT maps?
ROC: In war3.mpq, you'll find them in the Maps \ Campaign folder.
TFT: In war3xlocal.mpq, you'll find them in the Maps \ FrozenThrone \ Campaign folder.

Q: Cheat codes - How do I remove them from my map?
A: You can't, sorry.

Q: Creeps - How do I revive my creeps in the game?
There is an example map in the Free Trigger Code Thread.

Q: How can I protect my map from other people editing it?
A: See the tutorial link on the left, titled Map Protectors.

Q: JASS - Is there a manual online where I can learn JASS?
A1: There sure is! Visit the extensive JASS Manual Online.
A2: To get started: Introduction to JASS.

Q: Items - How do I combine charged items into one slot?
There are some examples of this in the Free Trigger Code Forum.
And an example map here.

Q: Sounds - My 3D sounds won't work in the game.
A: Thats because the default settings for a new 3D sound variable don't work. Change the minimum distance to somthing greater than 0.

Q: Sounds - Play a sound during the loading screen?
A: Event - Map Initialization, Action - Sound - Play Sound.

Q: Units - How do I remove the town hall and peons when game starts?
A: Open the trigger editor. Inside, you'll see a catagory called 'Melee Initialization'. You can delete the action that creates starting units. If you don't need the melee triggers, you can delete the whole catagory.

Q: My dialog box, multiboard or leaderboard won't work. How can I fix this?
A: Run the event once at 0.01 seconds. Some actions won't function at map initialization. There are also demo maps for all of these in the Free Trigger Code forum.

Q: Polled Wait (Wait game time seconds) - How does it work?
A polled wait waits for all players to complete the wait. This means that if one player is lagging, it still waits the full amount of time. This stops the notorious 'wait bug.' Just know it's good to use.

Q: Vehicles - How do I make vehicles players can get in and use?
There is an example map in the Free Trigger Code forum.

Q: Where do I find the Fountain of Health?
A: It is under Units, Neutral Passive, Buildings.

Q: Where do I find the Circle of Power?
A: It is under Units, Neutral Passive, Campaign, Buildings.

Q: Where do I find war3.mpq?
A. Look in your WarCraft 3 folder, it's in the root directory, along with all the other mpq files. Use WinMPQ or MPQ2K to open these mpq files (see download links).


Q: How do I do random, allrandom and repick?
There is an example map in the Free Trigger Code Thread.

Q: How do I make a unit into a hero?
A: You cannot. Create a new custom hero, and change the model file, sound set, and icon to match the unit you would prefer.

Q: How do I allow hero to gain experience from creeps after level 5?
A: Go to Advanced -> Game Play Constants. Change the field 'Hero XP Gained - Creep Reduction Table'. You'll see it only has five values. You can add more if you like. If you leave the last value greater than 0, it will apply for all levels after.

Q: How do you get your hero above level 10 in the game?
A: In the editor, go to Advanced, Gameplay Constants, then go to the Heroes Section, and find the Hero Max Level Limit, make it what ever you want.

Q: How do I make a hero ability a unit ability?
A: In the ability editor again, select your hero ability, then find the field, Is a Hero Ability - True, change that to False.

Q: Can a Hero have more then one based on the same ability?
A: No. When a Hero has more then one ability based off the same one, the order strings get confused and the ability does not function properly. Even if you change the order strings, it does not work.

Q: Can I give a hero more than 5 hero abilities with triggers?
A: Yes and no. If you give the hero the ability they'll receive the ability at level 1, and they won't be able to put points into it. In order to make the skill a higher level, you'll need to use the upgrade editor to make an upgrade that's an ability bonus, and specify the ability as the ability it applies to. Also be sure to add the upgrade to the Upgrades Used field of the unit that will use the ability. Then, to increase the ability's level, use triggers to increase the research level of that upgrade.

Q: Can I give a hero more than 5 hero abilities by changing button positions?
A: No, the editor will still only let you give a hero 5 abilities.

Q: Save code - How do I make a game save code for my heros, like COT?
A: Download the Save Code Demo Map, from Elliz's site.

Q: How do I make my heroes 'morph' every time they level up?
There is an example map in the Free Trigger Code Thread.


Q: How do you detect bash, critical strike and evasion in the game?
A: You can't. You need to create an ability with 0 values, and create a trigger to handle the ability. Then the trigger creates an invisible dummy unit, and casts on the target afterwards, or another method to achieve the desired effect.

Q: How do I get negative values in the World Editor?
A: Go to preferences and check the 'Allow Negative Values' box, non real fields, might need you to press shift before trying to change the value.

Q: I want to make a unit unselectable. How do I do this?
A: In the Object Editor, add the ability 'Locust' to the unit.

Q: I removed an ability from a unit but it's still showing up. How do I get rid of it?
A: The only way is to disable that ability for the player, using the Player - Enable / Disable Ability action.

Q: Is there a way to give normal unit abilities multiple levels?
A: Yes, first make them a hero skill in the ability editor. The Stats - Levels field will appear.

Q: How do I find out where the spell ID is <A0XX, __> so I can create dynamic tool tips?
A: Go to view and select -> View as raw data, and it will now list the item / unit name as the units "Code (Unit Name)"

Q: Rally point button - How do I stop it from showing up in the game?
A: Use the "Unit - Remove ability" action to remove "Rally".

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