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Warcraft III Campaigns Tutorial Center


General Mapping Tutorials
Contains tutorials that deal with generic mapping information.
Trigger / JASS Tutorials
Contains tutorials for map triggers and JASS.
2D Art Tutorials (Skinning)
Contains tutorials for 2D art creation, importing, and design.
Modeling Tutorials
Contains tutorials on creating, editing, and animating models.
Misc. Tutorials
Contains tutorials that do not fit into one of the above catagories.

Campaign Creations WorldEdit Tutorials


Basic WorldEdit Terrain Tutorial
Good for anyone new to the WorldEdit.
Adding Your Own Skins to Maps
Article directed to easily add your custom skins into a map (mainly designed for Reign of Chaos in mind)
Skinning in The Frozen Throne
This tutorial explans how to make a basic skin and implement it into TFT.
Icons in the Frozen Throne
This tutorial explains how to make icons and implement them into TFT
Meta Data Tutorial
Tutorial about Meta Data, what it is, what it can be used for, and how to use it!
Ceiling Tutorial
How to make a ceiling using the Elevator doodad. Requires The Frozen Throne expansion.
Special Effects List
A list of the special animation effects one can use with the trigger with the same name.
Special Abilities Guide
An article listing descriptions of uncommonly-used Special Abilities of Units and Heroes (Reign of Chaos only).
Quest Icons List
A list of the paths for buttons usable with the Quest triggers (Reign of Chaos only).

How to Import Models In Your Map!

Tower Defense Strategy & Design

(see bottom of that page)
Discusses the design options and strategic elements of a tower design map considering when and to what extent they are useful. Intended primarily to aid in the design or revision of a tower defense map.

Creating and Editing Skins

Using the Warcraft 3 Image Extractor

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