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([ljass]they can be friends[/ljass])
Let's face it. We live in a [LJASS]DOG EATS DOG[/LJASS] world. Cats eat smaller cats (science proved it) and facebook ate myspace. Windows constantly eats OS X. Even Linux eats OS X. That's just the food chain. Nowadays people think that OS X and Linux being eaten means that you can't run JASSHelper without a PC. This is [ljass]the false[/ljass]. With a few handy dandy fixes to the JASSHelper folder and a proper installation of WINE, you can preprocess maps with vJASS on your *nix system.

I'd hope that you already have WINE installed. If not, you may want to read this (Mac) or this (Linux) to get WINE running on your system. Without WINE you probably will get errors, like, unkown command when you run WINE. Once you've gotten all that WINE business sorted out and you're ready to actually run it, you're going to want to go on to step 2.

Alright you furcifer, this is the next step. You're going to need to prepare your JASSHelper folder for battle. You can download an already modified JASSHelper folder or modify your own by moving the bin folder in NewGen right into your JASSHelper folder. Because file paths are different off Windows, JASSHelper would be looking in the wrong place. So it's only logical to have to prepare it differently. Lastly, drop your map into the JASSHelper folder so jasshelper.exe and your map are side by side.

I would hope you know how to navigate your way around your computer without a GUI. If not, you'll need to get your bearings and then continue. So yeah, navigate to your JASSHelper folder and run WINE, like so:
wine jasshelper.exe path/to/common.j path/to/Blizzard.j yourmap.w3x
For best results, just move your [ljass]*.j[/ljass] files to your JASSHelper folder.

clijasshelper is the same program as jasshelper, but it does not have a GUI, so it may be a bit quicker and easier on your system, it's run the same exact way though.
wine clijasshelper.exe path/to/common.j path/to/Blizzard.j yourmap.w3x

Your map probably processed due to the fact that it had no vJASS in it to throw out any errors and it was a valid script. The big problem is that you can not save invalid code without NewGen. So all code must be imported, like so. Just make a file like say, [ljass]MySpell.j[/ljass] with your vJASS in it, plop it in JASSHelper folder, and go:
//! import "MySpell.j"
somewhere in your map script, probably the header. This is, as of now, the only way to script in vJASS on a Mac or Linux system.

You should now be able to run any vJASS you want on any system that supports WINE. Go write a system!


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