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This is my first tutorial about how to make snowy terrain and some doodads and a proper tileset which may help you make this terrain.

Start Off
I will be using Lordaeron Winter in 64x64 terrain to begin - you may want to use Northrend or Icecrown Glacier as your starting terrain - the only difference is the cliffs because you can always change your tileset.

You'll want to set the global weather to something snowy as well.

Things to do:
- Set Global Weather to Northrend Blizzard, Northrend Snow (Light), or Northrend Snow (Heavy).

The tileset is very imporant for any map as it gives the map a different look as opposed to just having one tile - it gets boring after a while if there's nothing to look at.

You should scan through Northrend, Icecrown Glacier, and the cliff tiles (only the ones which fit your terrain), for any tiles you might like. I prefer to have a full arsenal, containing:

Icecrown Glacier - Dark Ice
Icecrown Glacier - Ice
Icecrown Glacier - Snow (Cliff Tiles 2)
Lordaeron Winter - Grassy Snow
Lordaeron Winter - Snow
Northrend - Rocky Snow
Underground - Ice

And the last tile slots are given to the default cliff tile of grass (which we probably wont be using).

Things to do:
- Modify your tileset to your preference.

Doodads, along with the tileset are also very important for visuals.

Some doodads you may want are:

You can find this under props - just check 'All' in 'Editor - Tilesets'.

I prefer to make a custom doodad based off of Building (under structure) so players cannot destroy the Igloo.

Things to do:
- Allow the Snowman to be used in 'All' tilesets.
- Create a custom doodad of Igloo.

Units also add to the map in the same way doodads and a good tileset do.

Some good ones to have are:


Things to do:
- Enable the units you want in your map (some may not be enabled).

Why make a map which is devoid of lifeforms? Towns add places for people to live, and it also adds a simple, but interesting part to the map.

Click here to view example.


1 = Fires to keep the people warm during snowstorms and such.
2 = Paths, indented and without snow due to excessive use.
3 = Doodads such as a simple Tree, Rocks, or a Brazier to add to the effect.
4 = People to inhabit the town.
5 = Igloos for the people to live in.

Naturally, you'd want to variate the tiles to make it look a bit more interesting, and try to stay away from Ice because the Ice in Warcraft III tends to make things look hazardous - taking away from the theme of the small, cozy Town.

Lakes to draw water from because all the water beneath the earth will have frozen up, rendering wells useless. And also, a great excuse to allow Polar Bears and Penguins to wade in the water.

Click here to view example.


1 = Water (of course).
2 = Foliage tends to grow more around the lakes than other parts.
3 = Units like the Polar Bear and Penguin, add a nice touch.
4 = Ice under the water.

Common lake-making technique -- using the raise tool on Shallow Water. Also, remember to 'Smooth' the edges of the lake, and any extra hills. You could also add Ice Floes, and etc to make the lake more frosty (I neglected to do that before I made the screenshot :))

Try to make the textures under the lake in a varying intesity, coming out being less and less intense. Try doing it in this order:

Lordaeron Winter - Snow
Icecrown Glacier - Snow (Cliff Tiles 2)
Icecrown Glacier - Ice
Icecrown Glacier - Dark Ice

Forests are surprisingly attractive, but really simple to make, and are quite appropriate for the theme of the terrain.

Click here to view example.


1 = Preying animals (poor rabbit).
2 = Trees (duh) in a pattern, and in clumps which aren't too big*.
3 = Textures variated, much like the lake (Rocky Snow is quite attractive).

* Too big should be determined by the maker of the map :)

Basically, what you want to do is make clumps of trees first, and then randomly spread terrain under them. Ice typically shouldn't be under the trees and try to use Rocky Snow more (it really does look nice on the snow).

This is my first tutorial, so please don't jab my head with a spear and post it outside your house in an unorderly fashion. Comments appreciated.

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