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Azeroth Divided v1.0

Map Information
Submitted: AzerothDivid
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Jul-29-08
File Size: 211kb

- added 2 zones where random runes spawn every 1-2 minutes
- added 1 hybrid hero for each team. Netherdemon for Horde and Rune Warrior for Alliance
- added more spells
- added more items
- added Zeppelin and Siege Unit at Goblin Laboratory. Zeppelin costas 300 gold and 1 lumber, while Siege Unit costs 500 gold and 5 lumber. The Siege Unit is very usefull vs buildings.
- fixed victory conditions
- hero kills now give 1 lumber each
- now you can't attack/kill allied units anymore
- added -ms and -repick text commands
- fixed various bugs
- balanced heroes and gameplay constants


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