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Heroes Heaven

Map Information
Submitted: Wow_Master
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Sep-06-08
File Size: 2499kb
Rating:4.0 / 5

Ok, this is my first map whic I submit here. Im from Norway so my enlish is not so great, but I feel that this map is.

-Custom Heroes
-Custom Abilities
-3 cinematics
-A big map (epic)
-Villages and friendly units
-High mountains and dark caverns
-New models.

Also a very good Role Playing Map.


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By Lichiath on Oct-11-09

This map is extremley fun but i cant figure out how to get out of the last room in the tower. The room with all the snow. Is there a trick to getting out?

By Wow_Master on Nov-03-08

Dear NightShade

Its good to see that you care for my map, but I am not gonna work on this map anymore. Some of the reasons are that im working on 3 other maps, and I simply dont have time to work more on this. Im sorry but, Im not gonna fix those spells.


By NightShade on Nov-02-08

Though maybe you should make the spells for the heros a little more original and interesting... (like change the names and art for the spells, if not triggered(most cool spells are made with triggers))

... if your still working on this.

By Wow_Master on Sep-10-08

Good to hear :)


By NightShade on Sep-09-08

Don't worry, it doesn't really matter if the quests gets crossed out or not, I was more concerned about the rocks in the hellfire region and you got the right rocks.:)
Oh, and thanks for making it so you can't get the same quest multiple times.
Can't wait to play it!!!

By Wow_Master on Sep-07-08

Im sorry NightShade

But I still dont understand how to make quests crossed over. Could you live without the quests being crossed over?


By the way, I have taken away some rocks from the HellFire Region, im not sure if I deleted the correct rocks. Tell me if I took away the wrong rocks. I aslo made a trigger wich allows you to only get 1 quests from each quest giver.

By NightShade on Sep-06-08

It tells you how in the basic quest tutorial at I think.

By Wow_Master on Sep-06-08

Hello again NightShade!

Im sorry, but i dont know how to make quests getting crossedover. I know how, please tell me.


By Wow_Master on Sep-06-08

Hello there NightShade!

Thank you for the advices. I will repair right now.


By NightShade on Sep-05-08

This map is awsome and fun. it's amazing how you packed so much stuff into so little space, but the map would be better if the quests in the quests menu actually got completed instead of being not crossed out. A big bug is that in the burning plains is that there is a rock in the way of where one would get to the night elf village, just in between the temple and the cliff which stops some heros from getting past and that ruins the game. also if you want to make the map better you could make it so you couldn't get the same quest twice. Overall though, this map is a 4/5(because of the bugs).(I see you go on the hive workshop; because of the models.)

By Wow_Master on Aug-20-08

If there is something you want to complain about the map, I will repair it, add it or remove it. I hope you enjoyed the map.


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