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Epic Tower Defense

Map Information
Submitted: zach_kirov
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Aug-22-08
File Size: 156kb

The world biggest, hardest and most complicated TD map you had ever seen.. Dare to play? (12unique towers)

Tactic: Find the best position, place the right tower to prevent 30 waves of enemies from escaping through any of the Portals.

Map saved 8 times

Now all players will have the same amount of gold when the game starts. (The more number of players in the game, the fewer amount of gold each player will have)


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By zach_kirov on Sep-10-08

hehe, i see. try to play easy mode first. if u won that, then just play harder mode.

By NightShade on Sep-06-08

No I don't play it alone, but with only 2 or 3 players. I guess if I had a full house...

By zach_kirov on Sep-03-08

Do you guys play alone? If alone, definitely its gonna be harder and a lot of stuffs for you to busy with. Of course it is possible to win this map

By mad_man1983 on Sep-03-08

my opinion is that this map is too big and confusion me atleast

By NightShade on Sep-01-08

How is this map possible to complete!!!

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