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Map Information
Submitted: Avahor
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Aug-23-08
File Size: 560kb

This is the first beta version of battlecraft, trying to test all aspect of game.
the concept is simple, conquest a new castle = more gold income, more and news units to training. there are no limits for the number of units, but if you emperator die more than 3 times or you loses all your castles, you will defeat.
There are 6 diferents races, the human with milicia, alfiles and Titans. The Dwarf with snipers, Mortars and gryphons. The Elf with treants, elf archer and earth elementals. The orc whith grunts, Chaos shamans and bestias. The Vampire with sucubus,Arlequines and Gargoyles. The Ghost whit shadows, ghosts and spiders.
Also there are a lot of neutrals castles with dragons, krakens, giants and others power units.
The first version is in the land of Ekrom.
try to find all bugs and erros plz. and desbalanced aspects of game.
Enjoy the map.


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