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Vexal Tower Defense *Beta* .6

Map Information
Submitted: Vexal
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Sep-08-08
File Size: 544kb

Three completely unique races, each with their own style of play. The emphasis here is on technical polish, and pushing the Warcraft engine to new limits (especially for a Tower Defense).

This map is not finished, but I am posting it now because it has reached a state where it could be considered "almost done" -- it mainly needs polish and more content.

At a first glance, the map looks similar to Zoator. The similarities are in appearance only (with the exception of the hero creeping -- however, if you pick the Archmage as your hero, you will notice that because of small things such as giving damaging spells no cooldowns, combat feels very different).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Given the number of unique elements stuffed into this map, balancing it myself has become a huge burden.

Full map description (and forum link):
If you have anything to say, you can email me at [email protected]


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By Darthfett on Sep-27-08

I liked some of the ideas of the different races, but I was playing it on solo. It worked okay for all the levels up to the Angry House Wife, but in that level, it spawned units for every player, rather than just me.

My hero got completely owned by level one units, which mean I had to use the paladin and divine shield just to kill one (after which I died).

A solo version would be fun, thought I realize it was meant to be a team game.

Overall, the feel of the game at the start was very nice, but during the game, it became just another td, but with slightly different ways of building your towers. There didn't seem to be any long ranged average speed type towers, which is what I was looking for, and it had an abundance of short ranged towers, which I was trying to avoid.

I think that the only thing the game needs is work in-game. The towers could use a little more variety, as far as special abilities, and something new to make the game a wow-factor. Nice work overall. :)

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