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MU Unlimited RPG v1.00

Map Information
Submitted: Mefhisto
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Oct-12-05
File Size: 1767kb

Map based on Mu online where player can gain very high level, items etc. Unlimited, because player can left the game when he want (he's hero is saving in game cache per every second) and don't need to save the game. There is three 'open' lands and two 'closed'. Sometimes there are special events like dragons invasion. 4 characters to choose with their own abilities...


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By akoshun on Mar-04-08

I think it isnt so bad... just a MuOnline fanatic can do like this xD sry.. awesome but there are bugs :S

By runeliger on Nov-17-05

Yea, for some reason, when I used Dark wizard, sometimes the spell works, and sometimes it doesnt Fix!

By Pyromancer on Oct-19-05

nevermind i restarted, it worked.

By Pyromancer on Oct-18-05

im a dark wizard, and i cant get the crushing wave spell, even though i have over 56 intelegence... please help me. id really like to use that spell. other than that. very nice. i like the loading screen. very helpful to have auto save and load. cant wait for next version.

By Rad on Oct-16-05

Um, EDIT - Storing to the game cache doesnt work online, not sure if this is multiplayers though. Also I think game cache are only stored during your map session.

By Rad on Oct-16-05

Cant read the MU Unlimited RPG with the red and feint white lettering. Add a black outline or something.

By sqrage on Oct-12-05

Seems really cool, good luck on it's success!

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