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Troll Invasion - Final Version

Map Information
Submitted: opiemonster
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Oct-05-08
File Size: 207kb

You play the roll of a hero, your job is to save the town from the invasion. To do this you must venture into the woods to kill the troll king. Although, you must seek to defend the town so it does not get destroyed. Buy you are not alone, there is an elite force called the red squadron deployed at the town. They are an elite teem delpoyed out in crisis situations such as these. You are also amoung other heros aswell, duh. Whoever hass the most kills gets a bonus to their income. The income is supplied by the town since you are working for them. Anyway, hope you can kill the troll king and save the town. have fun and good luck. 1 more thing, you have to have someone playing teal since he/she chooses whether or not you watch the intro. I recomend you watch the intro, seeing as i put so much time and effor into it. Enjoy.


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By opiemonster on Oct-12-08

Lol i've released like 100 versions of this map, and i didnt just edit my initial one so there is like diffrent maps flooding the site, of mine. I'll have to remember to edit over this one, if i can ever be bothered to upgrade my map

please comment, tell me what you like, tell me what you don't like, whatever.

By opiemonster on Oct-06-08

Sorry about the spelling, im an uber fast lazy typer.

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