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Heroes of Eastern Kingdoms v1.11

Map Information
Submitted: meehael
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Mar-31-09
File Size: 1100kb

Heroes of Eastern Kingdoms

Heroes of Eastern Kingdoms is a PvP/Co-op RPG map. I took some basic ideas for the map from the game World of Warcraft, but then again, I wanted it to be as melee as possible, so that the map (heroes, creeps, and such) is familiar to all Warcraft 3 players.

You pick a side and take role of a hero that will help people which come across his path and that will fight against enemy. There are two factions in the map: Alliance and the Horde. They are racial enemies which live on the same continent. Humans and Night Elves are in the Alliance, while Orcs and the Undead are in the Horde. Each race has four heroes to choose from. Once you choose your side or faction, and once you choose your hero, your main quest will be either to defeat the opposing faction, or (if all of you are playing in the same faction, in co-operation) to defeat the ultimate boss, Kil'jaeden.

The map can be completed in about 60-90 minutes, and it is playable by 1 to 10 players.

Heroes used are, in fact, melee heroes, but some of them have their abilities modified or replaced. Level cap is 12, and if you want to increase all of your hero's ablities, you'd need to spend 20 skill points, and that isn't possible, so you'll need to choose carefully which abilities you'll take and improve. This way, two heroes of the same class can be pretty different if you spend skill points on different abilities. There is Tome of Retraining in the map, so you can retrain your hero for a fee.

Every area has at least two bosses. It is up to you to discover who and where they are.
Items are those from Warcraft 3, except for a few of them.

"About the Win Condition"
As long as a faction has an active altar, its heroes will revive at the closest active Altar of Revival. You start the game with only one active Altar of Revival. As you explore the map, you will discover more Altars, and they will also become active. There are three Altars in total for each faction. You cannot revive at a destroyed or inactive Altar of Revival. Every undiscovered Altar of Revival is inactive until discovered. If all Altars of your faction are destroyed, then your hero cannot revive at all. And if all of your faction's heroes are killed, the game is over and the winner is the opposing faction. Lastly, since undiscovered Altars aren't active, it is enough to destroy active ones and kill enemy heroes to win the game. You don't need to destroy inactive Altars.

"About Creeps"
Creeps are respawned regularly, once they are killed. If a hero dies or flees from battle, and there aren't any other heroes, the attacked creep regains its full health and mana. Also, creeps above level 5 are tougher than creeps of level 5 and lower, so abilities and spells cast upon them will last shorter (as if you cast them on a hero).

"Death Penalty"
When your hero dies, he loses 10% of his experience, and you lose 10% of your gold. Your hero will never drop down a level due to experience loss, however. Level 12 heroes are unaffected by the experience loss, but you still lose gold.

"Major Cities"
First of all, city guards and buildings don't respawn! You cannot repair a damaged building. Shops, banks, towers, and the Keep or Black Citadel can be destroyed. If a bank is destroyed, all items from every player which kept his items in the bank drop on the ground. Fountains in a city refresh only friendly heroes.

"Map Commands"
-to roll a die which returns a number between 1 and 100, type (without quotation marks): "/r"
-to split stacked items in your inventory, type (without quotation marks): "/s A B", where A is the position of an item in your inventory (top left is 1, top right is 2, ..., bottom right is 6), and B is the number of items you wish to drop on the ground (the remainder will remain in your inventory)

Some highlights:
-Advanced bank system (used for storing items)
-Stacking items
-Respawn systems
-Interesting quests
-Gold sharing among team members
-Map is fully scalable. That is, as more and more players play, creeps are tougher and tougher
-Experience gain has been adjusted, also, in accordance to the number of players, so that a player doesn't get a miserable amount of XP when playing with 5 players
-There is also a possibility to split stacked items
-Simple and fast gameplay

I wanted to put an emphasis on PvP (developing tactics, timings and such), not so much on PvE. That was the reason I made creeps have pretty low HP. This way it is much faster (and much more interesting) and can be completed in about 60-90 mins.

Take heed. Kil'jaeden isn't to be messed with, and encountering a hero from an opposite faction can be even more deadly. The challenge awaits, and it is up to you whether will you accept it or not.
Be vigilant!

WARNING: There is a nasty bug in the very game, not in the map. If you start the game for the first time, load a melee map, quit the map, and then load this map, gameplay constants get mixed up. "Creeps - Maximum creep camp radius" and "Combat - Call for Help Range, Creeps" get mixed up. Maybe some other constants get mixed up, too. Who knows. But these two render my map unplayable and give it a different behaviour from the one I designed. It is best to play maps after a fresh start of the game Warcraft 3.

The map is not protected.

Thanks go to everyone at who helped me. Thank you, guys!


Map changes in v1.11
-issue with players getting disconnected at map start has now been handled with. This issue was probably caused by a variable array having too low a range

Map changes in v1.10.1
-added a message at class selection which says that you have one minute to select a class

Map changes in v1.10
-time needed to revive a hero when he dies isn't lowered back over time, anymore
-now, you have one minute to choose a hero, or the selected one will be chosen when the time is up
-when a player is killed and there aren't any altars at which he can be revived, he is defeated
-vampiric aura: life steal bonus reduced to 10%/20%/30%/40% (down from 15%/30%/45%/60%)
-reincarnation: cooldown increased to 3 mins/4 mins/5 mins (up from 2 mins/3 mins/4 mins)
-cripple: damage reduction now 50%, down from 75%
-cripple has been triggered now and it cannot be cast on units immune to magic anymore (game is bugged)
-arcanite shield: its defend ability is removed, but its armor bonus is increased to 10

Map changes in v1.09
-city heroes aren't so annoyingly difficult anymore
-when the game is over, it doesn't display the victory message twice
-Meshif and Manos Treewind's quest reward is now +3 to all attributes (not +2), along with the same amount of gold and xp
-rare bug with not receiving gold for sold items is now fixed (the bug probably happened when few players sold items at the same time)
-tome of agility now 400, tome of strength 300 and tome of intelligence 200 gold

Map changes in v1.08
-there was a major bug with win condition as of v1.07. that has been fixed.

Map changes in v1.07
-hero death message updated at level 12, so that the message doesn't display that he's lost xp, when he actually didn't
-Manos Treewind quest completion message it is now properly displayed to the Horde, not to the Alliance
-Killmaim proved to be too powerful an item, so its life steal ability has been removed, but its damage bonus has been doubled
-it turned out that since v1.06 and its longer respawn time of dead heroes, it could take very long to display the victory or defeat message in the end of the game. That has been fixed





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