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Warhammer 40,000 TD

Map Information
Submitted: ralle89
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Oct-25-05
File Size: 421kb

Warhammer 40,000 TD
Probably the best Warcraft III Tower Defence. It was originally made by Shinjiku but at that time it only had like 2-3

races and everything else was Winther Maul.
Me and Bloodletter0947 started to work on it: adding more races, functions etc..
So we started out by taking the popular Wintermaul (like everyone else does) and copying over the units from Shinjiku's

map because he's map was SO MESSY. We made some races and creeps.
Later we started making lots of functions.
- Banking System
A system that allows you to put your gold in a bank to get interest in next levels.
- Auto Contolled Anti-Swear System
A system that punishes people who swear (words like gay, fucker etc..)
- Give Gold System
You can now give everyone an exact amount of gold
- Give Lumber System
You can give everyone an exact amount of lumber aswell
- Give Unit System
You can give your friends your units
- Sell Tower (from Winther Maul but improved)
You can sell your towers for 75% of their value. Upgrades will be 75% of the value of the upgrade and the grades under

- Ordinary TD Functions (from Winther Maul Also but improved a lot since)
Functions like unit spawn and movement functions.
- New Unique Terrain
Yeah, my idea ;)
- Kicking System
I found it very useful to implement this to decrease the amount of annoying people
- Admin Take Over Kicking System
This is a very nice functions for admins to take over the kicking system. It doesn't matter which spot you are in.
- Fuckoff Command
This function removes towers from teammates in your area.
- Fuckoff Tower
This does the same as the command but you can choose which towers to remove.
- Buy Lumber
You can now buy lumber. But it's expensive :O
- Buy New Race
You can buy a new race for lumber
- Race Dialog
Instead of the race selecting system in Winter Maul, I prefer a dialog.
- Auto-Banking System + Auto-Baking System
Autobanking cost money but is very handy when you got the money to let it deposit and withdraw by itself
- GoGoGo System
A system that removes the countdown counter to start the next level.

The map is made by 40k_ralle89 and 40k_Bloodletter0947


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By ralle89 on Oct-27-05

No actually not. I couldn't find a better fitting word ;)

By runeliger on Oct-26-05

best ever? isn't that a bit of an exaggeration?

By ralle89 on Oct-25-05

Yeah, it will come.. I was just in a hurry

By SD_Ryoko on Oct-25-05

Interesting. A cool short story or more information on the TD could be usefull though.

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