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Ultimate Kodo Tag Beta 1.8

Map Information
Submitted: Kelvin87
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-06-08
File Size: 2069kb

Theme and Mission:
(a)To learn how to survive yourself when you are being chased by a scary monster and how to defeat them.
(b)To learn how to make ways for you as to run away easier and effective.
(c)To learn how to cooperate in team and help each other to rescue the cought Runner.

Game Play:
1. There are various mode for you to select:
-> easy, normal, hard, extreme and Ultimate
2. You need to pick a Runner from "Runner Picker"
3. All players need to survive their own for 30 minutes from being caught by Kodoes. If any of the player still being hexed, a last 1 minute timer will be counting down and other players need to rescue them, if not whole team will be defeated.
4. Various building can be built to defend, offend, buying items and upgrading.
5. Each runner has her own skills and ultimate
6. If your Runner is bitten by the runner, your runner would be hexed and sent to the Kodo Base, and therefore your all buildings and units would be killed at once.
7. Further information, please refer to the "Read Me" inside the game. Enjoy!!
Ultimate Kodo Tag Change Log version 1.8
- Remade parts of terrain
- Rebalanced the output of towers
- Kodo AI now knows selecting player by itself that come closest to it.


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