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Town Invasion

Map Information
Submitted: duderock101
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Oct-31-08
File Size: 209kb


Town Invasion is a minigame at the moment as it does not last very long but there is more than one way to play the game. (It's in its testing phase so if you find any bugs please tell me).


Peace roamed the lands in the reigon to the east of the world but underneathe that peace, a curtain of darkness was spreading. People being sinful, muderering, stealing, raping land sky and flesh. When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth...

There are many towns in this small reigon, most contian only a few hanful of people and there will be none, maybe one guard protecting those small towns. In the center of the reigon lies the King and his Throne chamber, protected from bandits by garrisons that lie around the entrance points.

One night, a plauge appeared in a part of the reigon, it summoned zombies to kill, burn and loot everything they see. When a zombie killed an oragnic thing it would come back to life. Those small towns that were not protected that much are now full of zombies, they had no hope of survival. Some villagers by them self have fled to the west and boarded them selves up with extremly weak barricades, but the zombies will break in in time, and theres around 100 villagers in there, a lot of zombies...

Now people, do not threat, these zombies can be killed, they can be destroyed. Will you hide in the darkness, sit in the shadows or will you rise up and destroy satan's spawn?


Most of the information is in the Quest Log ingame but it's here anyway...

OK, so at the start you are given 10 seconds to look at the quest box before you get your game choices!

After the 10 seconds are up a dialog box appears asking you if you want to have the game mode of: Single Unit or Army.

Single Unit - Your by your self, hide in the shadows or in a town, board it up with barricades and build garrisons to protect it, can you protect your self? You only lose if you die!
(Single unit has another option down below)

Army - You are the king and you control all of the village guard (blue team) You lose if your Throne Room dies, the Throne Room is in the center of the big city that in turn is in the center of the map. You control also the king with his great auras to boost your troops mortality. If the king dies then you get respawned in 30 seconds at the Throne Chamber.

Single Unit Extras - These are the Units you can be in the Single Unit mode

Villager - Your a normal peasant, you have an extremly weak attack and slow moving speed. All you have is a lot of gold from your savings, and it's a lot. You have 2000 gold to then buy garrisons, barricades, food, potions etc to then board your self up and bewarned, you have low HP.(Recommened only for the most experienced players of Town Invasion) (this unit has no abilities what so ever and the rest do!!!)

Swordsman - OK HP, OK starting gold and OK attack. Your basic meele unit, kind of equal in every way.

Archer - Nearly exactly the same to the Swordsman except the Archer attacks from a distance.

Sniper - Low HP and Low starting gold but your range is remarkable and your damage is the highest. You attack speed is alright, 2.10 seconds, around the time of the archer. If you hide behind barricades then you might just survive.

Assassin - Low Hp, high starting gold (2nd highest) and an excellent attack speed. Assassins are good for stealthing when the heat gets just a bit too hot. They also have the blink ability so you can block your self in so the zombies cant get in but you can (Assassin is the best unit to play in your first time playing).

The game lasts depending on how good you are. If you want to go easy on the game for a bit then there is an empty out post

------Spoiler! --------

South of the map, it's to the right of the small pond.

----Spolier end!------


Yes you get hungry, at the moment there are two types of foods, a Berry and Cooked Meat. 5 Berrys spawn randomly across the map every 2 minutes and you can buy cooked meat from a market place (Markets can be destroyed and they will be found in most big towns that contian more than 3 people)

You hunger goes up every 10 seconds. Berrys deduct 30 hunger points from your total and meat deducts 100. If you hunger points go below 0 then they will be reset to 0. If your hunger level is high enough you substain damage depending on your hunger.
60-80 Hunger Points - 10 damage every 10 seconds
81-100 Hunger Points - 20 damage every 10 seconds
101+ Hunger Points - 30 damage every 10 seconds.

(Remember that this is a test version and people might find that you get hungry too oftern, if you do please tell me and if enough people think it's too high i will change it to like 1 hunger point every 15 seconds. You might even think you get too hungry hardly ever.)


You know how a zombie appears blah blah blah. If you kill a zombie there is a 1/5 chance that it will raise back up again and after 600 seconds 10 Zombie Kings will spawn and when ever a unit dies a Strong Zombie will spawn. These zombies have a 68-100 seige damage with the zombie king having a 90-110 seige damage.

(You may type -Hard at anytime to have the strong zombie mode activated for extra hardness. This makes it almost impossible to win but how long can you survive)

The AI of the zombies will become smarter so be warned!!!


There are 3 items you will need to use, the rest are potions and meat etc.

You will have:

Weak Barricade: A extremly Weak barricade, costs 40 gold and comes with 3 charges it has a very weak attack and has 100 HP.

Strong Barricade: Can stop normal zombies getting through, costs 70 gold but has only 1 charge, a very weak attack and 400 HP.

Garrison: A small garrison that grows big when you put it on the ground, comes with 2 robots (you don't see them) that fire out of this tower. Has a long range a quick attack and a good damage all for 100 gold and has 500 hp.

Test Phase


This map is in a test phase, i've checked it and i have fixed many many many x 100 bugs in it, fixed massive lag spikes and removed ALL leaks. All i need now is what you think, your input. If you do tell me about the map and what it needs changing in then please think about some of these while you play the map and think if they are all right. If you make a very good contribution i will but you on my Credits for being primary beta tester.

Hunger - Is it alright, do you think i should reduce the time for you getting hunger points ( its 1 every 10 seconds atm)

Zombies - Are they to strong, weak, slow. Anything wrong with them or what they do?

Lag - Any lag spikes?

Bugs - Any Bugs?

Extra - Game to short for you, could you think of anytihng that could go in it? (i will always have a indepth look to see if your ideas could go into the map. I will check EVERY comment carfully! )

Thanks guys


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