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The_Idea's Hero Defense 1.01

Map Information
Submitted: Grurf
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Nov-09-05
File Size: 1725kb

"TIHD is a Hero Defense in which the creeps run like in a Tower Defense. They walk straight to the middle, and you have to use your hero to kill them before they reach it."

Finally 1.01 is ready, and a lot of bugs have been fixed. See the changelog for more information.


- Custom Heroes with custom triggered spells
- 30 Waves, lots of items, custom models
- Special events
- A rematch system

Please host this map on, as playing is more fun with a lot of people. As I won't check the comments on this page too often, I would like to ask you to report bugs or give feedback on


-Fixed Tux's abilities
-Dodgemaster should be fixed
-Added two new heroes
-Added the Wheel of Fortune event
-Fixed the leaking of the Sun Warrior's spell
-The item Axe of the Chieftain works correctly now
-Fall back can't teleport you away from an event anymore
-Global Earthquake doesn't ping the map anymore
-The Firey Oil now returns the proper amount of money to ranged heroes
-Monsters now leave corpses
-Changed the hero system: the heroes are now sorted by the skill that is required to handle them correctly, and the command '-random' now asks for a parameter (easy, medium, hard or all)
-Fixed the bug with the ready system that allowed players to skip a wave
-Bosses now give big bounty


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


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