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Anime Hero Wars

Map Information
Submitted: MagusZero
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-14-08
File Size: 182kb

In this map, you choose a hero from either the anime Mai HiME or one of the available Geneon characters and proceed to kill enemy troops in an assault on their base. Each hero gains money from his/her team's kills, with which he/she may buy upgrades to his/her troops, items (most of which have custom aura effects), waves of invisible, hero killing assassins, their team's three-time-summonable god, and build towers.

Troop upgrades are important, as each type of troop counters one of the two others, resulting in a triangular dominance. Also, at level 5, each troop type gains an elemental effect.

Please test and enjoy!


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By MagusZero on Dec-14-08


By NightShade on Dec-09-08

"and a recipe system made to annoy people"

now that's gonna encourage people to download this map.

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