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Hectic tower defence 1.1

Map Information
Submitted: Cdo
Map Genre:AoS Maps
Last Update:Dec-20-08
File Size: 42kb

Hectic td is a fast paced tower defence where creeps spawn and run threw a maze that you have to protect byt building defensive towers, at the end of the maze is a castle if that castle is destroyed you loose so make sure your towers are strong, this game has 20 levels/sets of creeps from 4 main races 1)humans 2)orks 3)gnolls 4) undead.

enjoy and may i thank the community from the helpor forums for helping me with
- unit spawns attacking the castle WHILST IGNORING TOWERS AND PEASONTS as well as for help with setting the gold at the start of the game and removing the fog of war.


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