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Tropical Assault v1.6 Alpha

Map Information
Submitted: jonadrian619
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-21-08
File Size: 1159kb

This is the first Alpha version and the first real version of the map. However, it's still in the process of testing.

I have resized the map so that it can accomodate the new battlefield, waygates, mercenary camps and Ancient Temples which are essential for two new game modes. New methods of Hero selection like -ar and -random. Players can now repick Heroes but only once. Many annoying bugs from the previous beta have been fixed but it's still in the testing process. New and subtle improvements have been made.

In this game, teams choose races and compete against each other, as standard units are generated for each player periodically. Each player chooses and controls a Hero which will lead his army of soldiers. Destroy the enemy fortresses to win.

- Created from scratch, from the beginning.
- 5 races with 3 Heroes each.
- Spawned units can follow Rally Points.
- Race and Unit Type selection through Dialog Boxes at game start.
- Basic AI for computer-controlled slots.
- Custom upgrades (which improve strength of spawned units and speed up rate of spawning) and unique items.
- Special Events (including Duels) which players can enter in an arena and compete. Rewards & attribute bonuses are given to the winner of the event.
- Hireable Boss Creeps - powerful and expensive behemoths that can fight by your side and literally crush your enemies.
- Cool terrain emphasizing a tropical battleground.

Map Thread Link:
- Please visit this thread to read the full info and screenshots, and the changelog as well.


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