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Hectic tower defence 2

Map Information
Submitted: Cdo
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-21-08
File Size: 52kb

Hectic tower defence 2 is a great and fun filled tower defence (TD) styled game that will have you building buying and upgrading towers to destroy enumie creeps before they can get to and distroy your base, you'll also find that there are lot's of new and fun features including wood now building a spechial tower as well as the new balance on the hero's, also the map has completly changed plus the creeps and you'll find it's a more single player expeariance now, even though there is a second player option. this map includes 40 waves of creeps split into 4 groups with only a gap between new races not unit types, the races include

race 1) humans
race 2) orks
race 3) elves
race 4) humans again
each race has 9 troops and a boss.
by cdo


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