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Uthers' Last Stand

Map Information
Submitted: tttc
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-27-08
File Size: 67kb

Your goal is to defend Uther as long as possible. You have a large army, and 3 heroes, Arthas, Jaina and Sylvanas, to help you defend him. Maximum level for the heroes is 20, at which point they'll get a custom ability. The heroes also have six item each to aid them.

Most units have been modified to increase their potential. The attackers' modifications and upgrades mostly focus on better offense, while yours focus on defense.

After 15 and 30 minutes (if you can survive that long) there'll be boss levels. The boss levels have 4 heroes and many Infernals spawn along with the usual spawn.

Note that Arthas' Holy Light ability is castable on himself, and that you need to let him finish his casting animation on Righteous Cause or you'll get no effect from it.


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