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Zombie Terror

Map Information
Submitted: Lumos545
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Jan-08-09
File Size: 66kb

TIP:PLEASE Feedback!!!!!!With your thoughts and ideas i will certainly become better and i will improve myself.
To achive your goal in this map you must survive the attack waves of the zombies.Many zombies.But you are not alone!!You have 6 heroes in your side.WARNING:You must use only 3 of them at the begining.Each hero has 2 unique abilities that can change the whole game!!!You will use poison and frost attacks,you will summon wolves and you will set traps for the foolish undead!!!To sum up,although it is my first try i think it is a quite good map!!PLEASE FEEDBACK!!I NEED YOUR IDEAS TO BECOME BETTER!!!!!!!!


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


By WraithFire on Apr-12-09

Your map needs:
-A timer, so you'll know how long you need to survive (How will you know if it has been 3 minutes?).
-Give your map an eerie feeling to know that you're fighting zombies (an example of this is permanent night time).
-Give the woods more malice (what, do the dead spawn in a girly girl tea party?)... No offense.
-Also import a loading screen, give your map an edge.
- The "White Bear" guy, needs a lot of improvement since his attack is instant, change his weapon type, if not, do something about his projectile
(it so doesn't match him).
-The Poisoner, needs a better title. Change his projectile so it looks like he's shooting poison.
-Give better description, since you are using the Dwarven Rifleman icon for all, it's pretty hard to distinguish them apart, yeah there is, but that short?
-Make sure you can do something with the dropped bounty, that's no trophy after all.
-Give proper descriptions and use '|n|n" whenever you need a space like for tips.
-Set your player properties properly, force 1 includes the undead.
-Give more undead creatures, like the ghoul or the blue-skinned "Dalaran Mutant" zombie.
-BEWARE, you need to modify your spawns, the computer is vulnerable to memory leaks, you need also custom scripts and variables.
(You may not notice it now, but it stacks with each spawn).

By Lumos545 on Jan-13-09

Come on guyz!!feedback.What to improve?

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