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Planet Escape Team TD

Map Information
Submitted: SlickR
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Feb-18-09
File Size: 206kb

Readme File:
Planet Escape is a team tower defence featuring 37 waves of monsters plus a bonus level,
it has more than 16 types of towers and more than 50 towers total.
You can train other builders that can build lumber mills and gold factories as well as
advanced towers.
Some unique gameplay elements are the ability to build towers with active casting abilities,
tower with mana regeneration aura and there are mini-games you can find.

Changelog Planet Escape Team TD Version 2.3:
-reduced all of 1st tier normal damage type towers attack speed a bit
-speed tower rebalanced and with 3 levels now
-after surviving a hero level players get lumber now
-added some weather effects and terrain deformations
-some code optimization, map should be a lot faster now and not lag/slow-down towards final levels
-added -help command that gives players a one-time bonus gold and lumber
-reduced movement speed of all creeps, cold tower now has less slowing down effect
-added 1 more upgrade to moon tower
-air towers damage increased a little
-trading now gives 10 gold and lumber, instead of 100
-some towers "surface" model changed
-damage and speed aura towers AOE range reduced to 800, from 1000
-size and pathing changed for damage and speed aura towers, so they are now smaller and consume less space
-some spelling mistakes fixed
-some towers now have stats shown in tooltips, instead of general explanation for better assement of towers
-armor types and weapons types damage reduction/bonus explanations is not showing fully, expect full explanations and damage type values in future version
-basic and advanced builders now summon buildings, instead of building them so you can build more towers without waiting your workers to finish construction of every one
-added some "mini-games" players might find if they search hard enough
-canceling a tower returns full gold and/or lumber back
-reduced mistress attack range and cooldown, so players who interupt her stand a chance.
-mazing is now more viable, though in mid to end game its better to upgrade
-mana stone towers now add faster regeneration to nearby towers
-new rage upgrade to fury has an active ability "rage" that increases the damage by 50%
-levels from 1 to 9 a lot more challenging now
-time between levels increased a bit, to accomodate for players being able to build lumber and gold mills, mainly before each hero level there is a 10 seconds wait
-mini game "trick the demons" - you can actually beat the map before final level if you found out the trick (very hard to find though)
-mini game "ally monsters" - players can get powerful monster to fight for them
-mini game "haven protector" - the unit heaven protector can spawn on the map and fight for the players
-mini game "zerg fury" - you provocate zerg and zerg will unleash powerful creatures to destroy you
-mini game "gold farm" - players can gain lots of gold
-removed starting cinematics
-added new tower "Water Master"
-added 2 upgrades to lightning tower
-increased damage on storm and fury towers
-added an upgrade to fury tower
-some advanced towers cost more lumber now
-air towers now have faster attack speed(removed CD on animation)
-siege towers cooldown increased by 0.20
-siege towers full damage radius lowered a bit
-lightning towers now have faster attack speed
-lightning tower now has 5x bonus damage, from 4x
-Final bonus level is now harder
-added better slow poison ability to poison towers as you upgrade
-slow poison now also stacks in kill
-lots of armor and armor type gameplay changes
-camera position is now a bit higher
-Limited training of lumber mills to 10
but compensated with the ability to instantly buy gold or lumber from your castle
-gold factories and lumber mills now give gold and lumber slower but give higher ammounts
-increased lumber mill gold cost to 50, from 40 gold
-you now start with 10 lumber
-level 28 creeps have increased HP now
-levels from 33 to 37 are now harder
-made air levels from 24 level a bit harder
-removed starting music
-Map is now beatable
-various other small changes and tweaks

For more info check out the website:
For any kind of suggestions, comments and/or bug reports email me at: [email protected]


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