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Hero SurvivalX Aftermath v.1.6

Map Information
Submitted: SlickR
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Mar-23-09
File Size: 337kb

Hero SurvivalX Aftermath is the ultimate hero survival map. You fight 25 levels of baddies that will attempt to steal your treasure, your objective in this battle for cyber-supremacy is to defend your treasure box from overwhelming and though enemies wanting to steal the treasure and use the gold to buy a better life :)

Changelog Hero SurvivalX Aftermath V.1.6:
-Added more tips at start, colored some old tips
-Experience gain now works differently, the more players that play the more experience gain and vice versa.
-Money award now works differently, it always gives same ammount of gold based on level no matter how many players play.
-Being Jailed time reduced to 30 seconds
-Being Jailed now works differently, if any player attacks any ally, including ally hero spawned units it will be jailed.
-When player quits hes removed from the leaderborad, due to problems with victory ending.
-added advanced towers that can be purchased
-renamed some of the shops
-rebalanced all the units you can buy
-all waves modified and they all follow a winter theme, additionally added 4 more levels
-added new items and recipies to combine items
-rebalanced all items
-rebalanced all heroes
-rebalanced all enemy units
-fixed a ton of abilities tooltips
-rebalanced all abilities
-rebalanced many gameplay components
-some heroes have new abilities or slightly modified old ones
-most enemy units have passive and/or active abilities
-added neutral hostile units
-added special monsters that give special items and/or money and/or experience.
-increased time between levels, to accomodate for the neutral hostiles and special units
-terrain reworked
-added quest with some info and tips
-heroes now revive in 30 seconds, from 60 seconds
-treasure box now starts at 50% HP, at level 11 it goes to 75%
-starting arcane towers armor reduced and mana feedback ability removed
-all enemy units now do more damage to fortified and hero armor
-some code optimization for improved map stability and speed


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