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Archer Warz

Map Information
Submitted: morxel
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Dec-03-05
File Size: 314kb

Welcome to Archer Warz, Archer Warz is a team game, each side has the choice from 3 archers (which you will soon find out who they are) they each have a main stat, eg: intellegence/strength/agility, each of these heroes are fairly even.

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By morxel on Nov-30-05

lol fine pick on me :(... and leave fort warz with 0 comments =P.. ill fix it :(

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By Kenak on Nov-29-05

Please fix that "WarZ" part, just seeing that it uses a Z instead of an S instantly says, "Kid trying to sound cool by using a Z." Basicly rubs off as immaturity.

Hope to see the new version soon =)

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By morxel on Nov-26-05

heh k... i got a few changes (items) than ill be adding my new version in :)
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By SD_Ryoko on Nov-26-05

Well hurry up and get your new version in. I see your image works now. Thats.. a plus :)
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By morxel on Nov-26-05

haha true, ive got another version coming out soon its like 10x better :P... a lot of changes aswell.. if you kinda 1/2 liked this version u prob will like this new one... only got good feedback so far... so ill put it on when i finish some work on it
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By Rad on Nov-25-05

Doesnt the image url/directory have to be in all lower case?

Also is there a reason why the Z is capital? I dont really get why you put it there... looks more 11-yr-old-ish with it :P

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By morxel on Nov-24-05

hmm why cant i get my icon to show o.O
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By SD_Ryoko on Nov-23-05

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By Goblox on Nov-23-05

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By SD_Ryoko on Nov-23-05

Why do you have a black image for your map preview?

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