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Marine Fort Chaos 1.7

Map Information
Submitted: opiemonster
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Jun-18-09
File Size: 1216kb
Rating:5.0 / 5

This map was purely made by me, except some spells i found and some models.

In this game, you get a group of hero's. You can choose between a medic, light marine, heavy marine (has minigun), rocketeer, tesla trooper, or flame trooper. You can buy robots which can be upgraded, repairmen which are used to repair walls and also upgrade robots ( repairmen can also be upgraded)

The AI actually builds 2 walls which must be defended at all cost or else the enemy gets in. If the enemy gets in, they will rip you to pieces. Also the ai builds many other things in the fort. You can also get a hold of items for your marine, buy new shops, and get upgrades for your walls, and guns, that the ai builds

its a really fun game but can be challenging the first few times playing. I recommend playing on easy.

also has a very cool cinematic :D


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By Greedforce on Dec-20-09

Woow Thats a really great map man. I love it!

By RibljaCorba on Jun-25-09

Nice map man!

By opiemonster on Jun-20-09

sweet, what do u have in mind?

By maddriver on Jun-19-09

Nice map you've got there. With some improvements it can be even better.
Keep up the good work.

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