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Map Information
Submitted: Razalgrim
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Aug-30-09
File Size: 2805kb
Rating:4.0 / 5


Fight through modern, highly-detailed environments as one of five marines struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where the dead walk and the darkness can never be broken...

Please note that this is in ALPHA version, and, therefore, is far from finished. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Edit: Changed the camera angle (it was giving me migraines), added a couple more rooms, added a new enemy type, customized some UI options, and created a reload system. You can now win the game by staying alive for 10 minutes.

Edit 2: Changed the default camera yet again and added an alternate camera angle(-camera2). Weapons now deal random damage, replaced Chiroptera with Hellhounds, and added randomly-spawning item(s). Basically gave the whole shebang a major overhaul.

Edit 3: Adjusted the cameras yet again, created several new systems (improved reloading, civilian rescue, and enemy waves), added some new items, an NPC to sell said items, three new areas, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember.

Edit 4: Triggers fixed up by Gtam, the project's official triggerer. Added some non-trigger related stuff as well, including: one new enemy, a new area, and a couple character abilities.

Edit 5: Multiplayer is out! Also added are some less important stuff. Unlocked the camera (I'd like to hear your thoughts especially regarding this change.), prettified some stuff, and, finally, added a new character class - the Medic. Please refer the link above for the main thread. That is all.

Edit 6: Okay, this is it. I swear I will never again change how the camera works. Anyway, alot of other things has been added, including two new enemy types, some terrain improvements, and a pretty cool dialogue system. Enjoy.

Please try it out; some comments would be much appreciated.


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