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Tree Tag Wars! 1.7

Map Information
Submitted: Halo_king116
Map Genre:Other
Last Update:Dec-03-05
File Size: 352kb

Tree Tag Wars! 1.7 You are and Ent, alone, deprieved of everything but your life... They betrayed you.. Them, The Ents! Your Brethren must pay! Rise young Ent, and face them in battle...

1.7 Features

-Simple Alliance System
-Balanced Units
-Bugs Fixed
-Randomized Start Position out of 8 Variables
-New Hero - Elite Ranger
-And More

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By Halo_king116 on Jul-05-06

Thanks. Man, this is old! I am going to re-do it since I am waiting for the terrain and unit tweak for WotE.

I plan to do many things for this map, because many people liked the simple gameplay and the units they knew from Tree Tag.

I made that image when I just learned how to use paint :P

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By SD_Ryoko on Dec-03-05

I think you will have more success with a better preview image. Perhaps something from the map istelf, with a little editing and fancification.


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