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Custom Ais

Map Information
Submitted: BebopJelli
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Jul-24-09
File Size: 200kb

Includes 6 brand new custom AIs, plus a slightly modified Grunt Master and an un-altered Wyrm Monger, to play against for a change of pace from the normal melee game.

Also, there is 2 additional AIs that are not used when playing a game, but you get when you download the map. The additional two are there for sentimental reasons mostly, they were my first 2 successful ais, and when i pitted all of them against each other in a single map, the best AIs as well :D.

*3 total AIs for Human
*3 total AIs for Night Elf
*2 total AIs for Orc (mine plus the Grunt Master)
*2 total AIs for Undead (mine plus the Wyrm Monger)

Aside from simply playing against them, I hope people wishing to learn to use the ai editor can use them as a nice reference or starting point. The two blizzard included just wasn't enough for me, so i assume there are others out there who could use the extra help as well.

Lastly! The ai are not exactly the most difficult, more of a change of pace. Though they are not pushovers.

If you want, you can add them to other maps as well. To do so, simply export the triggers to anywhere you choose to later be imported to the new map. Do the same for the AIs in the import manager menu. Simply open your new map and import each and you are ready to go! However, this is made for up to 6 players and assumes the human is player 1 (you can have more human players, just make sure one of them is player 1). If you want more computer opponents than that, you are on your own for the triggers.

Oh yes, as with all my maps, feel free to do as you please with the map/ai, just please give me credit. Any feedback on how to improve or questions you may have would be appreciated as well :)


If you download a map, feel free to come back and leave feedback. Your comments and opinions help authors make better maps.


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