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Delion's Battle Beta Phase

Map Information
Submitted: Mynameis-JB
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Oct-23-09
File Size: 988kb

The war horns blow as goblins march into Delion's lands. A mountain seperates the two and now the angered humans are done with the raiding on their caravans by the goblin race. Now they have waged war, setting up to outposts around the goblin lands. The goblin king has recruiting his best warriors to lead their armies into battle, while the King of Delion is troubled about their defenses weaking. Now the goblins have advanced technology as they did not before and are ready to battle. Only you can decide the greatest battle in Delion's history.

Made my Mynameis-

Thanks to:
Rizz Boomer
Mc !

Looking for a person to terrain the map for further versions and better spells!

This is my first ever map so it is just a small project that took about 1 week only.

I suck at terrain so this is not very good terrain, just nothing really.

Red (King) and Blue (High Mage) defend the Delion's Castle. The king has sent their best officers to set up outposts along the borders (Teal and Gray). Now, Green(Goblin King) and his best commanders has set up their nation in the wastelands and are now ready to take over Delion. It is a defense/attack game, using strategy in controling the middle where you can easily transport armies. If you control the middle, you can advance big armies toward the main control point which is the Castle of Delion and the Goblin Mine. To win the game you must destroy all enemy spawns and the main castle of the enemy.

You get 100 gold every 15 seconds to produce units.

Delion Soldier/Goblin Warrior - 20g
Delion Archer/Goblin Medic - 15g
Delion Mage/Goblin Mage - 30g
Delion Knight/Goblin Wolf Rider - 40g
Catapult - 50g

Unit Spawn Time
Delion Soldier/Goblin Warrior - 5 seconds
Delion Archer/Goblin Medic - 5 seconds
Delion Mage/Goblin Mage - 5 seconds
Delion Knight/Goblin Wolf Rider - 10 seconds
Catapult - 15 seconds


-Released first version[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]Beta 1.1
-Changed name from Humans vs Goblins -> Delion's Battle
-Added new spells
-Added new models
-Added new items
-Changed the terrain a bit
-Made goblins weaker
-Made humans stronger
-Fixed a few bugs
-King has a new ability - Delion's Light[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]Beta 1.2
-Fixed Unit Spawn for Goblins
-Added new terrain
-Reduced spawn time for all units
-Increased gold cost of all units
-Increased all damage by heroes[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER]Beta 1.3
-Fixed the King's Divine Shield ability
-Improved terrain by alot!
-Fixed a major trigger for goblin reinforcements
-Fixed the Goblin Commander's weapon item[/SPOILER][/SPOILER]


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