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Art of Defending vBetaG

Map Information
Submitted: Hadezown
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Nov-02-09
File Size: 267kb

[This is the Beta version so please leave feedback so I can make it better: [email protected]]

- Art of Defending vBetaG - Created by Hadezown

! Description !
This is a coop art of defense where 2 teams of 5 players battle to survive longer than the other. You don't need 2 teams though, just 1 team of players is enough to have a good time. It is recommended that there are at least 3 players per team. There are 20 levels and you lose if your starting base is destroyed.

! Modes !
Allied Mode: Both North and South teams are allied. Both teams have their own seperate creeps so you cannot attack the other teams creeps. But you still can give positive buff to the other team if you're a nice guy.

Enemy Mode: Both North and South teams are enemies. Basically you have the enemy creeps AND the opposing team to worry about.

Last Team Standing: The levels run through until one team loses.

Last Man Standing: The levels will run through to 20 if a player survives.

! Token !
Every 40 kills earns you a token that you can use for several awards:

[1 Token] +1000 Gold
[1 Token] +1000 Wood
[2 Tokens] +50 Armor all Team Buildings for 60 seconds
[3 Tokens] Heal all Team Units and Buildings
[10 Tokens] Destroy all enemy units

It's always a good idea to have 1 teammate save his tokens for the last one.

Good luck and have fun while playing. Leave feedback. I want to know if it's too hard or too easy. It's hard for me to test this properly with a full house.

- Hadezown ([email protected])


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