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Mush v0.47

Map Information
Submitted: drol
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Feb-08-11
File Size: 6574kb

a Castle Fight like map

v0.47 beta

Worked on this map for a couple of weeks. It's a bit like Castle Fight and I would like to have some feedback on it. Its pretty stable and balanced if I say so myself, so check it out!

The objective of the map is to destroy the other teams castle, by doing so you win the game. The map is played 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 or 5vs5. There is the ability to add computer players (put a computer in an empty player slot).

The unit you control in the map is your builder, which can build specific buildings depending on which race you picked. These buildings auto spawn units that fight their way to the enemy castle. Only thing for you to do is to choose which buildings to build, use items from your castle, and use your rescue strike properly.

- 7 playable races
- 56 unique units fighting on land, sea and air
- One legendary unit per race
- Computer AI (add computer slots)
- Randomizeable landscape
- Weather effect (able to turn off)

Different than CF?
Mush uses three lanes to battle, one being a water lane for boats and air units only, giving the map a unique tweak. Also has different units with different abilities than CF. More fast paced action!

Map made by me (drol)
I would like to thank a lot of people for models I used (people from this forum and hiveworkshop) and some friends that alpha tested.



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