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Defenders of the South

Map Information
Submitted: -OverpoweR-
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Dec-31-09
File Size: 82kb

STORY : The evil Manneroth has come to conquer an allied base of the night elves in Northrend,since the Horde and Alliance has agreed to defend that base as if that area is lost,the Burning Legion would be one step closer to their victory,and so,they've chosen 10 of their best mans and sent to defend that area,now key to victory is teamwork,alone no hero stands a chance against the forces of Manneroth!,Hordes and Allies will have troubles until they can get to agree with eachother,but at this time,its a must to co-operate!
{end of story}

MAP DESCRIPTION: All 10 heroes are custom heroes with custom spells,most of the spells are WORKING,but a few like the Warlocks and the Paladins MIGHT not work,im well aware of that and im trying to fix them ASAP,i submitted this map,so i can know if people like the general idea and the custom heroes and spells,if yes,than ill put a lot more effort into it :)

Any suggestions or CRITICS are most than welcome,please adress them at [email protected]!

Thank you


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