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Vampirism Underworld MagnumEdition 1.4

Map Information
Submitted: gruntshunts
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Jan-06-10
File Size: 234kb

>CREDITS: Mr.Pockets00000 (map creator)
Sh3mi(Found a tree glitch)
levigeorge1617(For making the elite footman skin)

-Vampires: The vampires are powerful heros that try to kill all humans. The humans only have 200 life and you have like 120 damage. Think it is easy? Try it.

-Humans: The humans search for a base to build in. Their goal is to train workers and mine wood. They also have to build a wall to keep the vampires out. Just when you think you are safe, a new shop opens! The vampires then get new items to wtf pwn you.

-Kick (color) This one is self explanitory
-BB (better bounty) In this mode the vampires earn more gold than normal.
-XP (Xpierence) In this mode the slayers and vampires get more expiernce than before.
-Income Mode (Income) In this mode the vampires get 100 wood per 10 seconds and the vampires get 5 gold per 10 seconds
-Ballanced Map


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By FannyShaver on Mar-21-10

Completely imbalanced. Humans can all build on one spot actively sharing resources and having damage enough to own vamp within 2-3 seconds. Very not recommended.

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