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Rise of Heroes v2.0b

Map Information
Submitted: kobas
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Feb-21-10
File Size: 1618kb

-Rise of Heroes-

Created by: -Kobas-

At start, Red player chooses the game settings:

3 difficulties:

1) Easy
2) Normal
3) Hell
And 6 modes:

1) All Pick
2) All Random
3) Random
4) All Intelligence
5) All Strength
6) All Agility

Every hero has a different integrated ability which makes him/her unique!

Objective of the map is to prevent the main building from being destroyed by upgrading the Hero you have chosen by learning 6 abilities for him. Vary between active and passive spells in order to make a winning, but also a teamwork, combination.

In order to purchase an ability, you will need Power, which is gained throughout the game (faster or slower, depending form the game difficulty you have chosen). All abilities *WILL UPGRADE AS THE HERO LEVELS UP*!!!!!!!

This map is still work in progress! Please, if you have any suggestions or find any bugs, post a comment or PM me at [email protected]

Latest update:
-Terrain change.
-More items.
-New global command: Map restart: After game finish red player can end or restart game without boring map loading. [i]


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