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Cuator Tower Wars v0.04b

Map Information
Submitted: Archipelago
Map Genre:Defense
Last Update:Jan-26-10
File Size: 640kb

~Cuator Tower Wars~

This is pretty much like the usual tower wars. Build towers and send creeps to your enemies. The creeps come from a portal at the start of your maze zone, their goal is to get to the other side of the maze zone to another portal. The maze zones is shaped like a big plus and theres a smaller thinner plus in the middle, try to use it to maze. There are 4 mazing points, one in every 90 degree angle at the small plus in the middle.





If you see your model and your not in the credit-list, send me a pm.


Version 0.00
- First Version

Version 0.01
- Major Terrain Changes

Version 0.02
- Some small bug fixed
- Changelog added

Version 0.02a
- Lumber bug fixed

Version 0.02b
- Fixed the bug where orange and yellow send to themselves.

Version 0.02c
- Added goldcost for upgrading towers.
- Minor Terrain Changes
- First release on hive

Version 0.03
-Improved the lumber giving trigger
-Balanced the tower prices a little bit
-Some Terrain Changes
-Added The Naga race
-Added abilities to some creeps
-Fixed so that the "fast units" (every fourth unit) really are fast

Version 0.03b
-Changed the scaling value of "Mazing Stone" from 0.6 to 0.4
-Added "Speed Mode" & "Steal Mode"
-Minor Terrain Changes

Version 0.04
-Major Terrain Changes
-Goblin Race Added
-Removed Builder Upgrades
-Changed "Idle Worker" icon to a mining pick insted of a peon

Version 0.04b
-Sending Bug Fixed
-Added Mazing Stone to Goblins
-Fixed Clockwerk & Alchemist's attack
-Red can now choose the amount of lives

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