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GrassLands Battle

Map Information
Submitted: ZeKeLebum
Map Genre:Melee
Last Update:Mar-17-10
File Size: 41kb



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By TriggerBomb on Apr-24-10

Map as tested by TriggerBomb
Cateorogy : Melee
Of Maxium of 50 Points your map had 6. Check Whole result down from here.

- Terrain - [1 / 10] For a Small map it countain's high amounts of trees covering whole map it doesnt look good; just as montain you could use much more enviroment.

- Gameplay - [1 / 10] Im sorry if im offending you but it was pathetic. It's full of tree's as I said making normal unit's very hard to move; then there is huge powered monsters that destoroy your base before you build 4th building. Even It could be air-based melee map you dont have base huge enough to build even air.

- Hostile Monsters - [1 / 10 ] They Dont drop items; they are too powerfull. Nothing more to say here.

- Placing - [2 / 10 ] Base's are in normally good spot's nothing bad there; shame that everything else pretty much sucks; some marketplaces and such are next to bases making easy to conquer them complitely...not good. Also Tavern is unused as you cant reach there...and again. full of trees.

- Items - [2 / 10 ] This Map countains few items, shame that one or two of them are unusable; aswell monsters dont drop items I cant give more than 2p. of this.

As Rated for Cateorogy : 2 / 10 - [Very Poor]

Note: Just my own tester rating off it. Just telling things you must fix in it.

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