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Darkness vs Light v2.01

Map Information
Submitted: brothers ha
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Oct-16-10
File Size: 4382kb

A new map remake of the old classic Darkness and Light by Asiasoft, a game lost but not forgotten. The game tries to assimilate the features of the old RPG game, but with our own original features added in. It is in our opinion that the original Darkness and Light (DAL) was very excellently made, an opinion that most of the previous players of DAL will agree on. Sadly, the creators of the game (Asiasoft) went through some financial distress, and the game was closed down. We took it upon ourselves to develop this map as a tribute to the late game (DAL). As a responsible map developer, we are in no way trying to profit from the original creators of Darkness and Light (Asiasoft). It is for entertainment purposes only.

The main objective of the game is to destroy the 'Stargates' located in the center of the enemy bases. If the building is not destroyed in 30 minutes, Kings (from both Darkness and Light) will be unleashed and will have a final showdown in the middle of the map. There are two ancillary towns north and south of the main bases. Destroying the main building in these towns will unleash strong Guardians that will attack the enemy bases. Basically, that's it.

The heroes are in no way resembling the original heroes in Darkness and Light (much apologies). Being a new map, the heroes will probably be imbalanced. This is to be expected as the map still needs to go for further balancing tests. That is where you guys come in!

We hope to receive some feedback on the map. Please e-mail [email protected] and [email protected]


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