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Mulgore Lands

Map Information
Submitted: Robyhunter
Map Genre:Role Playing
Last Update:Jun-24-11
File Size: 3011kb

RPG map - The map is all about doing quest and rise your level.
There are 10 quests.The quests won't be very hard but not very easy.
Your spells are :
-Critical Strike
-War Stomp
-Earth Shockwave
-Endurance Aura
-Cat From(Hide, Berserk)
Items: The weapons from vendors are giveing you just damage no stats bonus.
So like armor. But you can get better equipment at a few quest rewards.
Weapons :

Assassin's Blade - damage 15.Frostguard -damage 13.Killmaim - damage 40.Mace of Power - damage 25.Searing Blade - damage 20.Serathill - damage 30.Sturdy War Axe - damage 10.
Armors :
Robe of Intelligence - armor 10.Cloak of Shadows -armor 5.Enchanted Shield -armor 25.Helm of Battle -armor 25.Crown of Kings -armor 15.


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